UPSC Topper Girls Partaking in Their Strategies and Tips for Aspirants!

India, as a nation believes in the philosophy of " vasudhaiva kutumbakam". And while serving this purpose, there are numerous opportunities in the direction concerned. Union Public Service Commission, popularly known as UPSC is among the one. The UPSC Examination is considered one of the most difficult yet prestigious jobs in India.


The year 2021 embarks itself as one of the most noticeable ones. The top three candidates who qualified for the UPSC IAS 2021, celebrate the success and victory of the Girls of our nation, India.

You must have come across the various facets of certifying the UPSC Examination by many around you. But, here; in this article, we are presenting you the STRATEGIES AND TIPS of the UPSC TOPPERS 2021 that they have followed to achieve their goals and have talked on various platforms to inspire the candidates for Civil Services.

UPSC Topper Girls Partaking in Their Strategies

First of all, we should cherish the success of the girls who topped the Examination by mentioning their names. They are

Shruti Sharma (AIR 1), scored a total of 1105 marks and clinched the top spot with 54.57%.

Ankita Agarwal (AIR 2), obtained a total of 1050 marks and positioned second with 51.85%.

Gamini Singla (AIR 3), attained a total of 1045 marks and placed herself with 51.60%.

The UPSC IAS 2021 Toppers are of the opinion that there are several unique ways of studying and qualifying for any examination.

There are many possible ways of being eligible for the service as there are varied personalities around the world!

Shruti Sharma (AIR1) emphasizes sticking to the basics!

The UPSC IAS Topper says that Self-made notes are immensely helpful in qualifying for the exam as it boosts confidence that helps in the revision process as well.

Another prominent aspect of the Examination that Shruti Sharma talked about in several interviews is that Practicing Writing Answers and preparing Model Answers to the previous year's question is helpful. Such practice aids in enhancing the writing skill of the aspirants as well.

Practicing Test Series is another way of scoring good marks in the examination, says Shruti Sharma which has helped her as well in various ways.

Last but not least, Shruti Sharma majorly emphasizes the Supportive Environment that an aspiring aspirant gets from his/her family, friends, or any acquaintance. Such a supportive environment/atmosphere is one of the ultimate sources of inspiration, especially for those who are to appear for another chance to fulfill their dream.

Ankita Agarwal (AIR 2) abandoned the social media platforms!

Ankita Agarwal is of the opinion of abandoning Social Media platforms for the dedicated preparation of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) as she states that social media platforms are one of the biggest hurdles in preparing for the UPSC Examination.

The Second UPSC Topper 2021, Ankita Agarwal holds a different stance on having friends in life during the preparation for the Civil Services Examination. In many interviews, Ankita Agarwal has emphasized that having true and real friends are no barrier in the progression of achieving the goal but aids in the success story of the aspiring candidates.

She has stated that sticking to self-study with the guidance of a proper coaching center is one of the most significant aspects of the preparation.

Gamini Singla (AIR 3) infers in having a disciplined life!

Gamini Singla is a strong believer in maintaining a disciplined life that aids in achieving the goal properly.

Gamini Singla; in many of her talks after being certified by the Commission states that it is really important to keep your mental health in proper condition. It is not essential to continuously study for hours in a single stretch.

Gamini Singla opines that having breaks or even a day off during the preparation is no crime. According to the 3rd topper, Gamini Singla; such a break or day off is productive that keeps the aspirants motivated.

She says that it is always important to keep the motivation level in check, which means the aspiring aspirants should always have clarity about their motivation as in what is there that turned them into the journey of UPSC.

She also opines that aspirants of UPSC should have faith in their preparation and the needful should be done with full conviction.

Aspirants who are looking up to qualify for the UPSC Examination should be mentally strong as the examination of UPSC requires a lot of sacrifices in respect of the personal front of the aspiring candidates, says Gamini Singla.

There are as many ways as there are people on the earth. So, aspiring UPSC candidates should find their own means of preparation for Current Affairs with the help of Newspapers and other modes, states the topper of UPSC.

Gamini Singla infers in befriending with the books, especially; the basic ones as the basic books help in making the concept clear and easy to understand. Books are an inevitable part of life, says the 3rd topper of UPSC.

She focuses immensely on practicing the Answer-writing part as well.

Gamini Singla also states in many interviews of her that aspirants must have strong grit as such determination helps a lot in dealing with the hurdles in a proper manner.

Last but not least, the 3rd topper, Gamini Singla emphasized self-study tremendously. One of the major factors that pave the path to clearing the examination is self-practice through solving mock tests and self-study.

By following the aforesaid preparation tips and strategies of the UPSC Toppers 2021, along with your determination, you can excel in the examination. Do believe in yourself!

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