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Underpaid teachers deserve higher salary?

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Underpaid teachers deserve higher salary?

Teachers are educated to educate people, and to create a difference in the world of knowledge. While teaching is considered a noble profession, it is also ranked as the worst paid job.

Considering the fact that teachers deal with too many things on a daily basis, they deserve to be making more than what they are actually paid. The Indian education system may have loads of moral value towards teachers and their profession, but it lags behind in paying attractive salary or providing competitive monetary benefits to teachers.

Do teachers deserve a higher salary?
Yes, they do.

If other corporate folks want jobs that pay well, why shouldn't a teacher aspire for something better? As per the teacher's profession, the pay game doesn't seem to play fair. Higher salaries and a regular job would act as motivational tools for teachers to stay committed.

Read on to learn about some points that justify why teachers deserve higher remuneration:

Spending time, but unnoticed:
In an usual observation, we see teachers donning one single role sliced into two time portions; one at school and another at home. Teacher's role extends beyond the normal 9 to 5 job.

They spend majority of time at home, in preparing next day's lesson materials, grading students' performances, discovering newer ways to teach and so on. In the corporate world, every single minute turns as an investment and is paid for.

Building society, but not monetarily well rewarded:
Who teaches you to learn? Who shows you the way to grow and excel? Who feeds you with knowledge that can sustain you all through the remaining portion of your life? Most likely, in a deeper sense, teachers are ordained builders of society and the people around. People from the ancient and the modern world have stood as a witness to teachers' influences, in their lives and in the community. If education is a tower, then teachers are its pillars. Without them, there would be no future leaders, no careers, lesser developments in a nation, no ministers nor rulers of any kind.

Investing endless efforts, but underpaid:
For any teacher, it is an unconditional call of dedication and endless effort to plough into educational sectors. One teacher does the work of 3 or more people in an average primary school set up. Basically, a multi-tasking professional involved in activities such as administration, teaching, monitoring students' performances, ensuring safety and security, etc. In contradiction, they fall short of living as per their financial expectations from the institutions or management. Quite often than not, they handle all types of tasks at work, extending it to 'work from home'; but go monetarily unrecognised. This is real and annoying. They deserve the best and more.

Tough job, with meagre salary:
Most teachers do most of the jobs at school or college, and there isn't a job which they wouldn't do, including babysitting.

Any tough job calls for greater cost. But this phrase does not work with teacher's profession. That hurts though. They manage and monitor many students and children on a daily basis. They work their butts off to educate all types of students, irrespective of their intellectual, and learning backgrounds. They handle most of the issues pertaining to the school management and students.

On the parallel, we may have to agree that the education system may have had its myriad flaws. Howbeit, effective and efficient teachers are by no means less deserving for a higher payment, when rightly investigated. Paying teachers in accordance to their experience, expertise, skills, knowledge, ability and proven performance takes the first preference.

Jobs with similar educational qualification, comes with higher salaries and provide much opportunities for growth. Along with contributing energy, dedication and supplies into the educational system, a teacher is entitled to be paid well.

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