Top 6 Problems Students Face During Adolescence

By George

Spending a large part of your everyday life in an educational institution is not what most teenagers dream of. But the truth is all of us go through this process of schooling and college. Each one of us will find some or the other flaw with either the system, the way we are taught or the teachers or something else.

These problems are more than just mere complaints. Many parents and adults in general keep these complaints aside as tantrums that the kids throw for attention.

Top 6 Problems Students Face During Adolescence


Adolescence is tricky period. Without a proper guidance the students might find themselves in a difficult position.

So let's run through the top 6 problems that students face in their academic and personal lives during Adolescence:

Academic Pressure

Let us start with the most common problem. Most of the students will be able to relate this. As students, they are expected to excel at their studies. The parents and teachers and almost every relative in the family keep reminding the students about the importance of studies and the approaching examinations.

There are parents who send their students for coaching classes as soon as they enter their 6 grade for getting into premier institutions for higher studies.

Parents, teachers and the students themselves must understand that not every one is meant to excel at academics. Some people do and some don't. The pressure drives the students to an extreme point.

This might rebound as stress for the student and he or she may not be able to focus on the things they are supposed to be doing at the moment.

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Independence and Freedom

High school and college are the times when students are looking to spread their winds and fly. They are discovering themselves and they find out that they are actually very different from what their parents or the society expects from them.

At this point there is a need to free themselves of all the expectations. Many students feel like most of their problems will end if they get dependent and if they didn't have someone to report to at the end of the day.

Well the students must understand that, that moment will come later in life. They should focus on what they are supposed to be doing now, so that they could, in the real sense be free and independent when they are supposed to.

The problem of "No One Understands Me"

You either have said this, or you haven't grown up in a society of human beings. Almost every other student, mostly during their adolescence have come up with this statement, while talking to their parents.

Now this is not just random statement that comes out during a confrontation. The teenagers, do feel like the parents do not understand what the students are trying to do or say. This leads to misunderstandings between the kid and the parents.

Parents need to give the students some space and not be always after them. Sometimes, listening is the best option. Understanding the state of the adolescent might not be easy. But once you give them some space and listen to them, you might be able to see from their perspective.

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Many students look out and explore themselves and try to find out the answer to 'Who Am I?' They try to define themselves and it might be difficult at times. There might be situations where they think they are someone, or want to be someone and discover that they aren't. This can lead to frustration.

They should understand that they have time to grow up and mold themselves. That life always gets better and whatever we wanted when we were students, may not come true. Acceptance is the key here, and it will help you.

Social Anxiety and Awkwardness

Many students might feel social anxiety and awkwardness in groups and situations where they have to speak out or mingle. This might project in stage fright, fear of speaking in groups, being too conscious about oneself and having a low self esteem.

The world goes ahead and calls everyone who seems to be a bit shy as an introvert. Well that's where it goes wrong. People can be extroverts and have social anxiety and low self esteem. In situations like this, the people around such person should make sure that they feel included and comfortable.

But most importantly if a person want stop come out such situations, they should go out more often and face these situations. But it is always their choice at the end of the day.

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The Peer Pressure

This might be the most faced problem right after the Academic Pressure. In schools and colleges, many students are forced to indulge in activities and be part of events because of their peers. People may think that when someone talks about peer pressure, it is just about consuming substances or being part of illegal activities. Well, these are harmful and legally wrong, and have huge repercussions.

But many students are forced into activities such as dance or sports, because of peer pressure. Many people do not feel like they should be going out and visiting places, but because of peer pressure they are forced to do so. Activities as simple as such can be difficult for some people.

Students should remember that, sometimes, going out of their comfort zone is good. It helps in growth. But if this makes them so uncomfortable that they can't focus and shouldn't continue the activities for longer period, then they shouldn't go for it. If your peers are good friends, they will definitely respect your choices and understand you.

So now we have some insight to the minds of the adolescents. The next time you come across any student who is facing any of these problems, make sure you are there for them.

And if you are the one going through something, just know that things always get better!

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