Tips: How To Get Rid Of Stress At Work Place?

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Overwhelmed at work and the pressure to complete it within the scheduled time force employee to work under the stress.

Stress at workplace has been the common element faced by most of the employees in the corporate world, who strive to prove their efficiency by being over productive despite under pressure.

Crave to perform better at the cost of stress will not help in the days ahead instead it takes toll on work and results in lower productivity.

Infact, the word stress has become cliché in present work culture and following some of the simple steps can help you to manage or overcome stress at workplace.

Tips: How To Get Rid Of Stress At Work Place?

1. Plan Ahead

Instead of having an attitude to postpone the scheduled activities, plan your day and work according to your time and energy. Meet the scheduled plans as it never lets you stress out. Meanwhile, it keeps your worklife disciplined and never leaves you overburdened.

2. Schedule Gap in Between Work

Taking break for two minutes in between work can relieve you from the monotony and set you mentally free. Take a stroll along the park or walk on a calm street during the long break as getting close to nature relieves you from stress, rather than indulging in computer games and surfing the web.

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3. Learn to Say 'NO' and Delegate Work

Do not commit yourself if you feel you are already overburdened with work. Better say no to the work and delegate the work who is free and capable of doing it. Over commitment will force you to postpone the work or leave it undone, which gives a bad impression and you will be underestimated.

4. Manage Time and Task

Always try to keep your goals clear with time management and task management. Schedule time for work and breaks. Be an early bird to work place to avoid time related stress. Even 10-15 minutes late arrival can make a huge difference and have an adverse effect on the work eventually leads to stress.

Prioritising your task helps you to attain control over the work and situation. Make a list of 'urgency' and 'must'. Analyse and discuss before you land up in wrong conclusion.

Meanwhile, understand your role in the organisation, company's priorities, and your personal goals/ strengths that will have impact on your job and are best aligned to achieve the set goals.

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5. Talk to Friends/Co-Workers

Isolation mounts up your stress level. Take time to share problems with trustworthy co-workers or friends. Discussing the problem enables you to let out the stress. The emotional support extended by them brings in mental peace.

6. Maintain Healthy Food Habits

Have a healthy diet to keep up your energy level. Over eating may make you feel sleepy, whereas eating less cuts down your energy level. Balanced diet boosts your energy level and helps you participate actively in your work.

7. Sleep Well

Inadequate sleep leads to laziness and it also distracts you from your work throughout the day and blocks your productivity. Make it a point to have enough sleep since it ensures emotional and mental balance and cope with the work situation.


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