Things you would want to know about your child's brain

Written By: Vidhya

 Know your child's brain

Do you wish to understand the working of your brain and know what processes in the brain results in our actions and emotions?

Learning about how your brain works and teaching children about it can be interesting. Do not overwhelm your kids with information. Keep it simple. So that it is easy for them to grasp the information and it helps them understand their master organ better.

Understanding the way brain works can help students to deal with their thoughts, emotions and capabilities.

We would like to tell you about a few emotions and actions of your child's brain and how to help your child deal with it.

How to deal with stress?

Every child is stressed about tests/exams. Some students are more stressed than the others. Anxiety and panic is faced by many students, which sometimes makes it impossible for them to think.

The problem here is the perception of the situation by the brain. The brain assumes the situation of danger and reacts to it as if in a life-threatening situation, which is not viable in a classroom.

Certain amount of stress is said to be helpful in learning. This can happen when you can try to control the situation. Teaching children about stress and its effects, can help them understand what is happening to them, and it is normal to feel stressed under certain circumstances.

Why is sleep important to students?

In today's busy world, children are getting less sleep than they used to. Sleep is necessary for children to keep their brain healthy, as sleep strengthens the connections between the left and the right hemispheres of the brain. Sleep in an important event in the development of brains of children. This is why children need to sleep longer than adults.

Children these days are not getting enough hours of sleep as they stay up too late. Sleep deprivation effects the child in the classroom.

Studies show that things we learn are stored in the brain while we are sleeping. It has been believed that children create knowledge even as they sleep. Things that are learnt subconsciously during the day are stored during night which makes learning in future easier.

Sleep deprivation for longer periods can lead to gaps in students' progress.

Help the students understand the importance of sleep, children may change their habits if they understand the effects of sleep on their brain.

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