35 Things To Check And Change In Your Resume To Get A Job

By Lekhaka

In today's world landing with a job offer is no child's play. With competition increasing by the minute, getting a job is becoming increasingly tougher. This is all the way truer if we are talking about your dream job. But this does not mean that you should lose hope and just settle for any job irrespective of whether it gives you the required job satisfaction or not. What it actually means is that, you must put in all the way greater effort to establish your stance and get that job that you had always wanted.


Now it is important to realize that with each passing day the competition is getting fierce. To ensure that you are a cut above other people who have the same qualification as you, the best thing that you can do is to make a lasting impression. But in today's corporate scene one is not even allowed to meet the person who will determine the fate of his career.

10 Tips To Prepare A Resume For A Job

35 Things To Change In Your Resume

In such a scenario the only way in which one can cast an impression is through the resume that they submit to the concerned company. That is why getting your resume noticed in a pile of hundred others is very important. Here are 35 tips to building of an effective resume. Following these will take you one step ahead in securing that one job you have always wanted.

Keep It Simple

Many people are of the belief that having a very bold and colorful resume will get them noticed. While this is true, the fact remains that it will get you noticed in the negative light. Hence, make sure that you keep this very professional document as professional and do not tamper with the same.

Use Professional Font Style

In the corporate scene, fonts like Times New Roman, Arial or Helvetica are considered formal. Make sure you stick to these. Build contacts

For any job, building contacts is the utmost priority. In today's corporate world, building contacts can take you places. Make sure your resume gives out the fact that you have sufficient influential contacts.

Use Appropriate Font Color

Use Appropriate Font Color

Ideally the font should be black in color. Blue is also acceptable. Under no circumstance should you go for neon shades or shades of red or yellow.

Move With The Time

As most resumes these days are circulated as digital copies, make sure you are up to date with the times. Your resume should be in PDF format only. Having it in word format will result in the alignment getting hampered when it is read in some other version (other than the one where you had prepared this in).

Have Enough Of It

If you are going to a particular place for an interview, make sure that you have enough resumes. If they have asked for a soft copy make sure that you carry a couple of hard copies too. The vice versa holds good as well.

Include Appropriate Links

Make sure that your resume has links to your LinkedIn page. Also ensure that links to your Facebook page does not make it to your resume. Other than these two, insert appropriate links as and when necessary.

Make Links Readable

As stated earlier, most of the resumes these days are read in the digital format. Hence by making your hyperlinks live, you are making things easier for the person whose job is to hire you. This will not just cast a good impression but will improve your chances of being hired.

Mention Patents

In case you have patents to your name, make sure that you mention the same with all the necessary details. This type of details is relevant in almost all contexts and may well fetch you a job.

Invest In The Printout

For the hard copy of the printout, make sure that you make significant investment on the quality of the paper. Smudged print also gives out a bad impression and must hence be avoided.

State The Languages Known

In the Indian context it is expected that an average person knows more language than one. Hence people feel the need to express the same in their resume. Make sure while doing this you begin with your mother tongue (or the language you are most proficient in) and then go on.

Do Not Give Address

In today's context, any prospective employee will contact you via phone or email. Hence there is no need for you to mention your residential address in your resume.

Save Resume Appropriately

Most people have the tendency of storing resume in the digital format with the name ‘resume.pdf'. This makes matters difficult for the people who are responsible for the hiring. Hence make it a point to save it as < first name > _ resume.pdf. This gives out a good impression.

Make Sure That Your Resume Is Not Unnecessarily Long

If Steve Jobs could get his resume to fit into a single page, so can you. Make sure you omit the unnecessary details and get to the point. An extra long resume will be ignored straightaway.

Prioritize Your Achievements

A national level prize in athletics is as useless to a chef as is a gold medal in economics to a fashion designer. Hence it is important to realize the position that you are applying for and then identify which of your achievements will be useful in that particular context.

No Need For Undertaking

Considering that your employer knows that you are the one who has prepared the resume it is obvious that the same will be to the best of your knowledge. You do not have to state that and waste valuable space in your resume.

No Need For Career Objectives

Wasting two lines of the precious space in saying something that is abstract and highly non-personal will not get you anywhere. Avoid beating around the bush as much as possible.

Make Sure Your Resume Is Grammatically Correct

Grammatical errors spoil a resume. Make sure you avoid that. Also ensure that your resume is free from spelling mistakes. Keep your resume simple and avoid the usage of bombastic words.

Mentioning Parents’ Names

Many people are of the opinion that mentioning this is a waste of time. However in reality, having your father's name in your resume is like acknowledging your roots and that is something that is greatly appreciated by employers.

Do Not Over Stuff Contact Details

Make sure that you give your correct phone number and e-mail address. However if you have multiple phone numbers or email ids, do not stuff all of that into your resume. Mentioning only one of each will suffice. Also make sure that the messages you receive in the contact details that you give your prospective employer are responded by you at periodic intervals.

Cut The Unnecessary Details

Do not mention your caste or religion anywhere in the resume. However, if you are seeking the job on the basis of some reservation policy, do not hesitate to mention the appropriate details.

Do Not Mention Marital Status

Your prospective employer does not need to know your marital status or how many kids you have. Make sure that you do not mention that.

Schooling Details

In case you have had your schooling in a number of towns, make sure that you mention only that school where you did your matriculation from. The rest of the details are unnecessary. Giving too many details will make you appear inapproachable.

Do Not Copy The Job Description Into Your Resume

Every resume is unique and that is how it is supposed to be. Merely copying the job description into the resume will remove this uniqueness and thus make you get rid of the upper edge you had over your peers.

Give Proper Spacing

The text should ideally have a spacing that is two points above the font size that you have used. Choose appropriate spacing and you will leave your reader spellbound.

Keep It Neat

A neat and tidy resume can take you to places. Make sure your resume is appealing at the first sight. Only then can you expect people to read further. If it I untidy, the same will be dismissed in a matter of seconds and no one will even look into it irrespective of how talented you are.

Do Not Brag

While resumes are meant to introduce you to a person who has not even seen you, make sure you do not overdo on the blowing your own trumpet. For people who deal with resumes on a daily basis, all of these antics will be easily identified. This will lead to them having a negative impression on you.

Give The Right Order Of Education

Make sure that you mention all your educational details in chronological order. Some peope go for reverse chronological order. That is wrong. Make sure you do not follow that. The idea behind it is the same - do not forget your roots.

Put Experience After Education

You have got whatever professional experience you have only by virtue of your education. As a mark of respect for the same, make sure that you mention your education before your experience.

Do Not Mention ‘Further References Will Be Provided If Required’

It is obvious that if they need any further references, they will ask the same from you. It is obvious and you do not have to explicitly mention the same.

You Can Have A ‘Career Summary’

Having this will grab the manager's attention and you will be able to tell them all that you had wanted to in a matter of seconds. Hence it is advisable to have his in your resume. However, this particular aspect is not absolutely mandatory.

Your Resume Should Cater To The Industry

While designing a resume make sure that you take into consideration the finer nuisances of the industry you want to work for. Doing this will instill a sense of belonging in your resume and chances of you landing you with the job are higher. This is all the way truer in case of fresher candidates.

Focus On Your Past Job

In this situation it is important to emphasize on what you did in your past job and not what your past job was all about. If you are able to put this across very clearly, you have already proven your worth and chances of you getting hired increases by leaps and bounds.

Do Not Go Generic

While this should be maintained throughout the entire resume, it is all the way truer when you speak about your skill set. Make sure that you keep this in your mind while drafting your resume. Be very specific about what you know and what you have done.

Add Bullet Points

It is a good practice to have bullets and numbering in your resume. However if there is only one point under a topic or sub heading, make sure you do not go for numbering. You can also go for tables. However, make sure that you do not overdo it. At any cost do not use pie charts or graphs.

Use Sub Headings Wherever Necessary

The use of multiple subheadings throughout your resume will make it more readable. People would want to know more about you at the professional level. This will increase your chances of getting hired.

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