The weighing scale for slow learners - How to deal with them?

By Anusha

If everyone was similar then we would not be able to give a "value" for each other. Because of the difference that the world is made of, we are able to think what is good and what is bad. This "difference" exists everywhere. And it has the most significant effect in schools. Why? Because school is where a child spends most of the time in his/her days of growing up.


If this difference among children is not handled in the right manner, we can expect redundant adults in future, who are unable to handle anything at all. What is the difference that we are talking about? Not the cast and creed... it is something that "belongs" to every child as their own; their intelligence.

Whether the slow learners must be given more attention in comparison to the average learners is a thought to think about. As it happens that, teachers and parents tend to give up hope on a child who is unable to grasp whatever is taught. So, would it be worth it to spend more amount of time on the same child or give that time to a child who has an average intelligence? When you think of it you might say, its better to go for the child with average intelligence, because with the same efforts that you're putting on a dull child, you are able to get better results! But that is being unfair, isn't it?

How to make it better for the slow-learners:

1) Identify:

They seem to not understand you, until they have been told the same thing several times. Once they have understood that, they will give you the results you're looking for If this is what is happening, then you know that this child needs your attention to improve intelligence.

2) Be patient:

The slow-learners will need you to repeat the things several times before they analyse it. So while doing this its natural to give up or get irritate. But hold on! You have to be patient. Realise that they need your help in their success.

3) Build new strategies:

There is more than one way to skin a cat! Do not stick to one approach of making them understand. Find out what are the other things that spark instant attention in them. Take that route. For example, if a slow-learning child understands songs, teach them things in a form of a song! Do it despite the fact that you find it odd.

Slow vs average learners and what to do about them

4) Fill confidence:

The slow-learners are often bullied about in schools because they are aware that they aren't the best in class, they lack confidence due to this. They might even be frustrated. So, fill them up with confidence and positivity.

5) Inspire:

There are a lot of people we know in the world who were slow-learners and who have achieved things the average human beings couldn't. Inspire the slow-learning child with their stories and achievements.

6) Appreciate:

It is difficult for a slow-learner to get to point of understanding something and to give back a proper response to it in the form of work, or grade or etc. When they do it, appreciate them. This will keep them going.

These are a few things you can do to make the slow-learners better, if you have more things to add share it here

And as for the average learners, well some are average due to their own laziness. And others are born that way. Whatever the case, it's not as bad as being a completely dull person of low intelligence. These are like semiconductors, all they need is a little push and they will be able to do good.

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