Student Life: Overcoming insecure questions during educational stint

By Anil Paul

The fact is that no one ended up in a college or a school, feeling absolutely secure and confident about oneself. This is very normal. On the other hand, insecure feelings may disrupt your regular course of life, altogether. It may hamper your original purpose of pursuing your education.

Staying away from some of the most common darts of insecurities, would help you to step up the courage to face circumstances confidently, as and how it comes by, gradually.


Be sure and positive about succeeding in handling your educational spree. Look at opportunities to convert all your fears into concrete plans of potential growth, as an individual. Yes, where there is a will there is a way. Study and be good at what you learn. In your hands lay everything that unfolds ways to your destiny.

Overcoming insecure questions in educational stint

Some insecure feelings and questions to resist and rebuke, than to hold on rather, are as follows:

Would this course guarantee my future? -

The truth is - every course in an institution/college, would be designed with an obvious intention and expectation to build your future and not otherwise. The course is just one step. And it is not your 'it' yet. There could be many other elements that you may have to walk through, with a little help from your college or school support system. Certainly, coupled by your hard work, effort and determination, you may achieve your objectives in life.

Have I picked the wrong one?-

Discernment is far better recommended than assumption. If you think you're in the wrong place for the right reason OR in the right place with the wrong reason, then you may want to pause and think about it well, before you jump into conclusions. Reinforce your purpose of pursuing studies. There are no chances of picking the wrong one, when you are in the right place and in the right time.

Insufficient experience?-

Experience is never sufficient for anyone who wants to keep learning in life. If you are a fresher in college / school, start growing up with an attitude to learn, and practice what you've learnt. Have a practical approach. It is alright if you make mistakes unintentionally. But, correct and move up with the intention to sharpen your knowledge and experience. So, study hard and get on top of the scores chart.

Quit or Pursue? Isn't passion more important than college?-

If you are a student, then try to prioritise your education more than your passion. Passion can be pursued at any time, at any age, and at any stage. But, education is a phase that can be best enjoyed and experienced in your younger days, as it is meant to be your foundational stone for all your futuristic endeavours in career and professions. When you are a student, make your passion as a part time engagement rather. Also, think, plan and work about pursuing passion and education, side by side.

Would I be able to clear off my student loan?-

Firstly, student loans are granted to those who study, finish the course and then get a job and later start paying up for the loan. Generally, you get time to pay back until you've completed the course and get a job within a stipulated period. Until that time, the bank wouldn't be behind you to clear it off your back. So, take it easy. It needn't be a 'burden', not in your present time of excelling in your studies at least. Park this thought aside and focus.

Will I be able to get a dream job that fetches me the money I'm looking for?-

If you work hard and contribute the best in your academic pursuit, why wouldn't you get the best offer? You would! Develop skills and knowledge that takes you to your dream job. Make sure to have your grades on top. Every top company looks for significant academic performance from the candidates, across the globe. Experience follows.

If you think there are some more insecure questions that boggle a student's mind during the educational phase, please feel free to share it with us.

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