Smart Learners and Their Smart Ways

Smart Learners and Their Smart Ways

In a way, most of the smartness happens when there is willingness to learn all through life, by being a consistent learner.


Smart learners do a lot of things. One thing is to learn. They don't talk much. They carry passion to learn, with a humble heart. They keep the company of smart and smarter people who generally know more than them. They try out new things and give way to eliminate curiosity.

Let's see what else we can learn from smart learners as we read further:

Learning consistently
Dedication is required to learn always. Of course, there are times to learn and times to not-learn. Smart learners learn something new at every opportunity they capture, irrespective of time, place, season or a particular reason. Constant learning habit improvises your ability to grasp information and discover knowledge in depth. One way to materialise this habit is to ask questions on anything and everything that you pass by. It could be your food, people, subjects, cultures, country, things around etc.

Creating opportunity out of mistakes
Yes. The thought of 'falling and not waking up after the fall' is a bog to get rid of. Smart learners view mistakes as ways to improve. They treat it as 'lessons' rather. While the average learners keep making the same mistake over and over again, the smart learners out beat them by learning from their mistakes and not committing them again.

Observers' Clan
There are plenty of observers around. But the ones who really observe to gain knowledge are the ones who learn something out of it keenly. And those learners can be categorised under the observer clan. Observation is a gift. Smart learners are quick to observe things around them, quick to experiment or try out. Keen observers make note of specific things like landmarks, structures, styles, habits, behaviour, certain ways of doing things, and so on. It requires undivided attention, interest and alertness towards any thing or a subject.

Carry 'don't quit' attitude

It is important to rebuke the fear of failure. The thought of 'unable to achieve' is sure enough to pull your positive energy down. Smart learners make up their mind to pursue and they never want to quit, at any cost. It is like talking. Did you ever give up talking just because you weren't able to utter few words or phrases? We bet you didn't! You've practiced hard enough to give that lousy thought a race for sure! And you did achieve at last. So is everything related to the learning process.

Understand the purpose of doing things, than mugging things blindly!

The process of learning definitely takes time. You've got to go along with the flow. Do not hurry unnecessarily. Learn whenever you can. Else, understand the purpose of why certain things just happen the way they do and move on. It has been repeatedly proven that data or information stays on for long in the human memory, when it is understood well and practiced much.

You can be creative, full of passion, happy, calm and composed, if you want to play smart and be smart. Smartness is in you. Just work on it and keep it occupied.

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