Precious College Experiences - Make The Best Use Of It

By Anil Paul
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I remembered my college life when I bumped into this quote (written by famous American author Mark Twain) recently - 'In 20 years time, you will regret the things you didn't do, much more than the things you did wrong'.

Quite honestly, it took me few years after college to understand the worth of college times, which stayed unmatched against all the other life's experiences, including my career, family, business, adventurous trips, and other activities of interest/passion, till date. As much as I hated and loved the phase, the days flew so swiftly.


During your college days, you would have chances to learn and identify the person you really are. The emphasis would be laid on overall progressive growth of an individual. As directed by the college management and staff members, importance is generally given to a student's academic performances, future career and extra curricular activities.

Precious College Experiences

Some points which may help you achieve a purposeful college life are:

Involvement First-

You can't get much out of anything, without getting involved. So, get yourself involved in the activities like cultural programs, sports activities, student community groups, committees, outdoor assignments, representing your college outside and inside the campus in a leadership role, and being a member of at least one not for profit organisation or an NGO. This is one of the best platforms to observe how you work with others. Taking initiatives allows you to expand your experiences; and getting involved creates mutual benefit of gaining lasting memories and contributing to your surrounding community and your college.

Cherish the Times and Delight in Yourself-

Some memories are hard to get washed out. Perhaps, it wouldn't make any sense to treasure those things which you really don't want to. Relish every situation that you come across, along with studies, programmes, college-mates, etc. Do not rely on external aspects to make you happy. Enjoy what you have. It may be your looks, talents, gifts, possessions, ability and so on. Nothing is going to be permanent for sure. Everything changes with time and season. Learn to take delight in yourself, and cherish your college times. Be content with yourself, count your blessings and share it with those around you.

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