What are the obstacles for learning? Practical tips to learn better

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The primary reason for us to go to schools and colleges is to become educated. And being educated means you have knowledge about things. This knowledge is gained by learning things.
For some, learning is an easy job, for the rest it is a challenge. If you are one of those who find it difficult to learn things, then read on further to find out what might be the problem against effective ways of learning, and practical tips to learn better.


1) Being distracted:
*You get distracted too soon. Your ability to concentrate is low. This is a major and most common obstacle to learning.

*Tip to avoid being distracted:
Learn to meditate. This lowers your brain wave frequency and helps you control your mind. You will develop good concentration and focusing ability.

2) Not asking for help:
*You might be thinking that the person who would help you would think of you as needy. Or you might be egoistic. Or you are too sure of the things you know.

*Tip to get help:
Any of the above will harm you in the long run. When in doubt always clarify. You will never become lower than somebody if you ask for things you don't know. The idea must be to gain knowledge, it does not matter from where and whom it comes from.

3) Unclear priorities:
*You know what to do. But you do not know which ones to do before doing the others.

*Tip to prioritise:
Make three columns with headings as "task", "outcome if done now", "outcome if done later" . Below the headings write down task and the outcome respectively. You can now check which of the tasks require your immediate attention and which ones can wait based on the outcome you think would occur.

Ways to overcome the obstacles to learning

4) Worrying and being anxious:
*The easiest way to fail at something is worrying and being anxious about it.

*Tip to stop worrying and being anxious:
Have faith and confidence in the things you do. Be sure about the outcome. Uncertainties lead to worrying. If you already know the outcome of things then there is no need to break your head over it. If you think the outcome will be negative, you can invest time on thinking about the alternative instead of worrying.

5) Not rendering your own work, but copying :
*You are a copying machine. You are re-generating what others already know. It is an offence.

*Tip to overcome the copying habit:
Copying other's work is easy, but it is a big threat to your knowledge base. By copying you are diminishing your ability to learn. Instead learn what needs to be learnt out of other's work and improvise or think of ways to implement it to develop yourself.

6) Not questioning what you are reading or hearing:
*You are blindly accepting everything, chances are that things could be wrong and you still believe they are correct.

*Tip on questioning data:
You have to have an in-depth knowledge about things. And this comes only when you take trouble to dive deep and "ask" what you don't understand. Question when you are not satisfied with the answer. The only way to become an expert about anything is through analysis and questioning facts and assumptions. You can do this by exploring the data.

7) Environmental disturbance:
*You might be in a place where there is a lot of noise, or too many people, or uncomfortable seat etc.

*Tip to beat the environmental disturbance:
Start with identifying the cause. Is it the temperature in the room? Do you have people talking loudly around? Is the place quite? Is there a background noise? Is the light appropriate? When you figure this out, the next step would be to resolve the issue. For which you will either have to go for replacement (in case of a bad chair or light) or re-locating (noisy places) where in you have to find alternative place to focus on things you are learning.

These are a few major barriers that needs to be broken to let the knowledge in. If you have some obstacles keeping you away from learning or if you have more tips on how to break these barriers share it with us here: https://www.facebook.com/careerindia.com

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