Motivating Students, With Your Little Help

By Anil Paul

Motivating students is one of the many challenging tasks of a teacher. There is a mindset of the students which is usually exposed to different people who enact as 'teachers', at different stages and spheres of their learning curve. Due to this overpowering influence of the elders or seniors around, young children struggle to figure out their own identity.

In addition, lack of consistent motivation and support from teachers or educators, may lead students to fail and succumb to the pressure, exhibiting a dip in their overall growth line. Some students get de-motivated easily, due to various factors depending on the atmosphere of influence, degree of influence, and purpose of influence around them.

Motivating Students, With Your Little Help


However, essential motivational back-ups build potential growth in the aspects of a student's academic productivity and alternate creativity.

Read on to understand some effective ways to motivate the students -

Constant feedback is necessary-

Providing constant feedback helps the student to learn and grow more. Students got to be aware of their stand. Ask their opinions on certain issues. Observation on their actions and contribution is a must. Keep providing sufficient feedback to them to develop the sense of improvisation and betterment. Teach them to accept criticism in a positive way. Constructive feedback and negative feedback are always prevalent. There's no growth without these. Motivate them to be open to and accept any feedback.

Take it a step further -

Be determined to do more than what the average teacher is expected to do. If you see a lack of response from your students, think not twice to walk the extra mile to learn of your student's struggles. If the situation means for you to make your students learn better, then dare to work out of the box. Lead them to do some research, and show them how the other students have performed. May be you can call them after class and check if they've understood the concept and the teachings well. You'll never know if the student has a genuine struggle with studies or if it is another problem. Teach them to stay attentive and proactive in class. Motivate them to stabilise on the teachings, information and actions.

Share information -

In order to motivate your students, it may become necessary for you to volunteer information, as and whenever required. When you are a passionate learner yourself, as a teacher, you wouldn't mind your students learn passionately, with those things that pertain to their academics and educational growth. Keep the students updated with latest conceptual developments related to their subjects. For example, if you are a history teacher, you could share information which gets relayed on the History channel or you could even read to them from History magazines or newspapers. Explain the concept. Make them read. Ask them questions about the article or on the relayed TV programme. Volunteer information, so that they would get interested in the subject.

Communicate your anticipation -

Let your students know what you expect of them and what you don't. Set your anticipation clear about what you want them to work on. Communicate your expectations as per the requirement of the subject or the situation. Make your plans known to your students often, so that they don't loose focus on what they're supposed to be doing. Also, help them achieve it. Give them a glimpse of a positive brighter future and motivate them to gear up whenever needed.

Help them to understand and face challenges positively -

In the ever developing ways of education, one can never stick to 'a particular mechanism' to learn as such. Encourage students to accept and understand the various cycles of life. There can neither be happiness all the time nor sadness all the time. You need two wheels to run the cycle. Students need your support. If they face a problem or if they have an issue worth solving, talk about it and work towards solving it. Their issues could be moral, emotional and sometimes physical. All they need is practical guidance. Few may dare to ask, but some shy away. You've got to identify the need and act accordingly.

If you are aware of other unique ways to motivate students, please share it with us!

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