Mersal Mathematics: 5 Shortcuts for Multiplication!

By Malavikka

Today is national Mathematics day. Every step that your child takes towards learning, right from crawling to starting with simple addition and multiplication techniques is a milestone in their life. In this age of race, competition starts quite early and there is an urge to achieve everywhere and every time. Before you could pass on the toll to your child, you could consider teaching them shortcut methods for calculations. This could help them do smart work instead of hard work such that they are not stressed at such an early age. Do you believe in mersal mathematics (awesome mathematics)? Then here are few shortcut multiplication techniques for you to teach your kids!


Finger magic

  • For 9 tables, keep the ten fingers of your hands open.
  • For 1x9, close the thumb finger of one hand, you could see 9 fingers. So, the answer is 9.
  • For 2x9, close the index finger of one hand. You could see 1 before the closed finger and 8 after that. So the answer is 18.
  • For 3x9, close the middle finger of one hand. You could see 2 before the closed finger and 7 other fingers after it. So, the answer is 27.

This method will work till 9x9!

Mersal Mathematics: 5 Shortcuts for Multiplication

Reverse of numbers

Write down vertically the numbers from 0 to 9 in ascending order. Besides that, write down the numbers 9 to 0 in descending order. Once you finish it, surprise! You will get the answer for 9 tables!


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Simple Subtraction

For 99 tables, you could use 100 tables. Here's how:

  • Say 56 x 99 is the question.
  • Multiply 56x100. The answer is 5600.
  • Subtract 5600-56. The answer is 5544, which is 56x99!

Addition of zero

For any two digit numbers, follow this technique:


  • Step 1: 32x4 = 128
  • Step 2: Add 0 to the right of the number. It becomes 1280
  • Step 3: 32x2=64
  • Step 4: Add 1280+64
  • Step 5: The answer 1344 is got!

Big digits, small effort

For multiplication of any big digit numbers with 9, here's an easy method:

Take an example, 987654x9. The answer for this is 8888886.

  • Step 1: Add 0 to the right of the big digit. It becomes 9876540.
  • Step 2: Subtract it with the big digit in the question. 9876540-987654.
  • Step 3: It results in the answer 8888886!

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