Is A Degree In Agriculture The Right Move For Your Career?

By Shatavisha Chakravorty

India is an agricultural country. It always has been. The farmers of this country are its lifelines and quite frankly speaking, they are the ones who sustain the nation's economy. In the pre-independence era, agriculture was the only thing Indians were good at. Post independence, emphasis was again made in the field of agriculture. It was during this time that slogans like 'Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan' came into the picture. Till a couple of generations ago over 80% of the country's population earned its bread and butter from the field of agriculture.


However, with the changing times things started taking a turn. With globalisation and liberalisation of trade in the early 1990s, the Indian youth found themselves with tons of opportunities and scope. Industries like business process outsourcing and information technology came into the picture. A number of international chains made their way to the Indian market.

Agriculture Degree: Right Career Move?

This in turn brought in a myriad of employment opportunities for the Indian youth. What the best thing about this is the fact that the employment opportunities that we speak of here were available to people from the lowest of educational qualifications to the most highly educated ones.

Considering that almost two decades have passed since then, today's youth are standing at a crossroads about whether, in the given present scenario, they should just go for such careers or get back to their roots. Getting back to the roots of agriculture, while being equipped with the weapons of modern education, is one of the best things that a person can do for themselves and the society. This article talks about the advantage of pursuing a degree in agriculture and how that is the perfect move for your career.

• Off Beat

Although it is sad to note that there is a lack of awareness about the importance and scope of agricultural studies in the country, you can use this very fact to your advantage. Most students who are good in academics tend to go for fields like medical and engineering. Thus, there will be lesser competition for you here which will ensure that you shine more easily.

There are a number of government sub departments under the Department of Agriculture, both at the central government level as well as that of the state government. You can pursue a career in any of these categories by appearing for necessary competitive exams.

• Less Expensive

If you are not from a financially well-off family, a number of factors will come to your mind when we speak about higher education. The first and foremost thing there would be the cost of the same and how your family will manage money for that. The silver lining here is that pursuing a degree in agriculture is something that does not require a lot of money.

As compared to other common fields of study like medical, engineering and law, the course fees here is practically negligible. For meritorious students who are below the poverty line, there are a number of government scholarships in this regard. Once you have obtained the degree of your choice, you will be able to earn a good amount of money and thereby, uplift your family's financial standards.

• Research And Development

Ever since the era of the Green Revolution in India, there has been tremendous investment in the sector of agricultural research. A number of private firms are investing in the same. Things like biotechnology and biochemistry are also in the picture. Food processing and dairy planning is another field that is closely related to that of agriculture.

Having a degree in agriculture makes you eligible for all these jobs. In today's highly competitive world where getting a job for yourself is a Herculean task in itself, the fact that there is no dearth of jobs for qualified people in this field should alone suffice to convince you to take up this field of study.

• Making A Change

If you are somebody who wants to give back to the society by making a positive impact, then this is the career path for you. These days a number of advanced technologies are available. When these technologies are used in a befitting manner, it can raise the agricultural standards by leaps and bounds. With a degree in agriculture, you can work towards developing these technologies.

You can also work towards deployment of these technologies in the improvement of cropping and plantation. Furthermore, there are agricultural technologies that are available and are being used at a global level. Your degree in agriculture will equip you bring those technological advancements to your local environment.

• You Do Not Have To Be A Topper

As sad as it sounds, the Indian education scene is such that only those students who have excelled in their 10th and 12th board exams with flying colours get to pursue their higher education in the college of their dreams. With the cut-off to the top colleges scoring new heights every year, students who score mediocre marks often end up feeling dejected and think that there is no hope of a bright career.

However, this is far from being true. Marks can never really define your true calibre. This is something agricultural colleges bear in mind. That is why neither is there an excessive high marks requirement at the time of admission nor is there pressure on the students to score marks in the tests at college. Focus here is on understanding the concepts and not on rote learning. Thus, if you are someone who never really valued marks, then this is the career for you.

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