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Indicators of Test Scores: Does it have any effect on students?

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Indicators of Test Scores and their effects

Since time immortal the tests have been used to gauge a person's caliber. It is hard to imagine schools which do not conduct test and students who are allowed not to take the tests! Students grow up with tests, testing them on regular basis. What effects do the scores, have on them?

Being a teacher one might see students performing at different levels in a test. Should the scores they score in these tests determine their caliber? What happens to a child who finds out that he/she has scored the lowest score? How does the test score affect them?

Of course, they will feel bad when they find out that the others in the class are better than them. They may develop inferiority complex. They may end up being timid.

Here is what to do:

* Never shout out the scores:
If the students have scored well, it will obviously make them feel good. But, at times it could make them feel too proud of themselves. They may become over confident. On the contrary, if the student has scored less and its announced to the class, the student may feel let down or embarrassed.

* Do not criticise the student with a low score:
Never judge a student based on the score they have. There might have been a lot of reasons why the student was unable to score well. Perhaps, the student is suffering a "learning disability", the student might have been trying hard but unable to perform. Perhaps the student needs more help with the subject than others, or the student might be a slow learner.

* Do not praise the student who scores high:
Praising the student will make them feel that they are the best and that there is no requirement for them to improvise. Instead tell them that they have done well and they can do better. This will leave them thirsty to learn more.

* Give special attention to those who score less:
They may be scared to ask you when they have a doubt, they may be shy etc. There could also be a case where they have understood nothing that they can come up with a doubt or a list of things they have understood. Carefully observe them and help them where they require your assistance.

* Let them know the truth about scores:
The students must realise that scores are not the only deciding factor. Knowledge is what matters in the end. Inform them to gain knowledge and then to think about scoring. That way, they will be able to "learn" and remember it for longer, instead of just preparing for an upcoming test and forgetting it once the test is over.

* Conduct special classes:
Take remedial classes for those students whose score needs improvement. Encourage them to ask doubts and exchange ideas.

* Be approachable:
If you happen to be an approachable teacher, then you can see positive results from your students. Because the students tend to love what they learn because they know that if they don't understand, you will always be there to guide them. This will help them gain better scores and improve their level of confidence.

Thus, understanding each student is important before concluding their caliber based on their scores, which may have adverse effects on them. This is what we had to say, please share your views here:

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