CBSE Class 12 Biology: Top 30 One Mark Questions!

By Staff

The CBSE Class 12 Biology exam is all set to be held in March. As the exam is approaching, students might be putting their best foot forward to cover the important topics in the Biology paper . We hope that students have started avoiding the seven common mistakes in the Bilogy after reading our article.

The Class 12 Biology is very important paper for students who wish to pursue a career in related streams. We understand that the one mark questions could be intimidating many students from achieving 100, hence, we thought of doing an article on this. After careful consideration of previous year question papers and sample papers, we take pleasure to list the top 30 one mark questions you can expect for this year. Let's tour them!

Class 12 Biology:Top 30 1-Mark Questions


1. Why does female honeybee have 32 chromosomes?

2. Why does male honeybee have only 16 chromosomes?

3. What is multiple ovulation embryo transfer (MOET)?

4. Explain what is biopiracy.

5. Why would you prefer CNG over diesel as an automobile fuel.

6. Write eating habits of Homo habilis.

7. Who is Hugo de Vries?

8. Why frogs hibernate?

9. How does Apis indica help humans economically?

10. Which Indian rice is patented by an American company?

11. How macrophages provide immunity to humans?

12. What is asexual production?

13. Name two vertebrate body parts that are homologous to human forelimbs?

14. What is aestivation?

15. Write the economic value of Spirulina?

Class 12 Biology:Top 30 1-Mark Questions

16. Why was the transgenic cow Rosie's milk special?

17. What are human pathogens?

18. Why polar region is not a goodhabitat for tiny humming birds?

19. Why animals go into hibernation?

20. What is Saccharum officinarum?

21. What is genetic engineering?

22. What is hnRNA?

23. What are the characteristics of the pollen grains?

24. What is cross pollination?

25. How does the AIDS virus enter the human body?

26. Why will you not get chicken pox for a second time?

27. Write about hybridisation experiments?

28. Who disproved spontaneous generation theory?

29. What is the codon AUG?

30. How many molecular diagnostic techniques are there to detect pathogens?

Class 12 Biology:Top 30 1-Mark Questions

31. Write one positive application of amniocentesis.

32. What is snow blindness?

33. What are exonucleases and endonucleases?

34. What is ELISA?

35. What is Genetic Drift?

We have listed these questions by observing the sample papers and previous year question papers. Students should go beyond this to stand out from the crowd. Good luck!

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