Stress & Anxiety During Exams; Keep Stress at bay with these expert-suggested tips and tricks!

Competitive examination accounts for rigorous hard work and dedication. A lot of times it happens that this over-productivity takes the form of stress and starts hampering the overall learning process. This negatively affects the overall performance in the examination.

How To Deal With Stress During Competitive Exams

What is Stress?

Before diving into the tips to tackle the stress during the competitive examination preparations let us know what they mean. Stress is basically a feeling of intense pressure surrounded by negative feelings that hampers the overall performance. Stress is also accompanied by lower self-confidence and a feeling of being drained out mentally and physically.

We often think that stress is a common phenomenon and can go away on its own. However, a prolonged period of stress is the first stage of a mental illness as it starts killing the active brain cells.

How Does Stress Affect One's Productivity?

Stress is one of the primary factors that affect the physical as well as mental well-being of a student. This inversely leads to a lowering of the overall productivity during the examination.

Stress is known to induce a negative burst of adrenaline that drains out the energy from the cells and leads to a tired and poor lifestyle.
Stress as mentioned earlier is known to kill the healthy cells of the brain. This is the first reason that leads to poor concentration among students.
It is also known to negatively affect the mood of a student due to which they start losing interest in their studies.

Highlights of NCERT's Manodarpan</a></h2><p><a href=Studies, Examinations and Results Major Causes of Anxiety Among Students: NCERT Survey Reveals" title="Highlights of NCERT's Manodarpan

Studies, Examinations and Results Major Causes of Anxiety Among Students: NCERT Survey Reveals" />Highlights of NCERT's Manodarpan

Studies, Examinations and Results Major Causes of Anxiety Among Students: NCERT Survey Reveals

In a bid to provide psychological support to students, the Ministry of Education (MOE) launched Manodarpan. This cell conducted several surveys to study the mental well-being of the students. Check out the major excerpts of the survey in the section below.

  • The survey revealed that 41% of the students are able to adapt to the surrounding changes easily.
  • Around 81% of students said that exams and results are the primary reason for stress.
  • A total of 51% of students responded that they find difficulty in studying online and 28% of students find it hesitant to ask counter questions.

Tips to Tackle Stress During Competitive Examination

  1. 1. A stressful mind is often caused by performance anxiety, a bad lifestyle or external pressure. The following section consists of the tips suggested by toppers who have managed their stress during the preparation for competitive examinations.
  2. Indulge yourself in any form of physical activity. If you are not a fitness freak then regular walking or cycling can be a good option, to begin with. Additionally, participating in any outdoor sports i.e. cricket, football or badminton can also do the work.
  3. Adhere to cleanliness guidelines, try to keep your study station always clean.
  4. Decluttering is also therapeutic and thus helpful in keeping the mind fresh.
  5. organised with your studies. For this, try to stick to a study plan and time each activity. Do this by assigning timing to everything like devoting three to four hours to practicing then at least one hour to revision etc.
  6. Take regular and frequent breaks. Studying for too long for a competitive examination can induce lethargy in the mind. Hence, breaks or short naps are helpful in rejuvenating the mind and body.
  7. Keep a track of your preparation levels. The primary reason for stress is being unaware of one's own strengths. Hence, tracking down preparation levels helps in inducing self-confidence which deals with the unnecessary stress.
  8. Take proper sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours a day. A healthy brain accounts for an increased level of concentration and retention power.
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