How To Build A Career As An Application Architect?

By Shatavisha Chakravorty

There is virtually no place where software has not exerted its influence and made a strong foothold. From the simplest of software that performs only one specific task to the most complex ones wherein terabytes of data are involved, there are millions of software available. While some of these software applications are designed to cater to the needs of the layman, a growing proportion of these are actually designed to be handled by professionals. A growing number of businesses are shifting to these in order to meet their dynamic demands.


In such a situation, an essential service that businesses need is that of efficient application interfaces. The application interfaces should be such that it caters to the needs of the client while taking into consideration the perks and gains of the organisation as well. In layman's terms, this can be expressed as a measure to maximise the profitability of the company by bridging the gap between demand and supply in a virtual manner.

Career As An Application Architect

The people who are responsible for this are application architects. This article talks about the job role of an application architect and how you can make a successful career here.

• Job Role

Any organisation will have a well-defined set of governance rules for sharing. It is the duty of application architects to come up with application interfaces that maximise reuse of resources and thereby prevent wastage.

These people are the ones who are responsible for ensuring that things go as per the business plan and that the subject-matter expert (SME) is focused in a manner that it is meant to. At the project level, these are the people who are responsible for ensuring that all the different aspects of application solution architecture are optimised.

This would include factors like time constraints, budget limitations as well as things like infrastructure specifications.

• Educational Qualifications

From an academic point of view, most companies prefer hiring candidates who have a four-year bachelor's degree in computer science, electrical or electronics engineering. Some companies also allow students who are from the background of informatics systems and engineering course.

Candidates who have completed their master's in physics, mathematics or relevant subjects with over 55 per cent marks are also eligible for such a career path. The exact academic qualifications for a said role of application architect will depend on the company that you are working for.

• Skill Set

As is obvious from the nature of the job, good technical skills are essential for success here. However, other than that one needs to have good managerial skills and should be in a position to collaborate with others. For that, good communication skills are necessary.

Also, since they are the ones who need to convert a real-world problem into a set of mathematical expressions, decent analytical abilities are necessary for a person to survive here.

• Difference Between Application Developer And Application Architect

The major difference between that of a developer and an architect may be stated as the fact wherein an architect is responsible for giving detailed information about the layout of the overall system. This will include not just things like framework and technologies but will also take into account the overall placement of infrastructure and the architecture of the system.

Once the architect does all of that, it is brought out in the form of a blueprint, and the same is then handed to the application developer who is then responsible for implementing the same. Thus, while the developer is responsible for only the coding aspects of the project, the overall responsibility of the same lies with the architect.

• Salary

As is understood from the difference between an application developer and an architect, most people shift to the role of an architect only after they have sufficient experience as a developer. This is because you will be in a position to effectively design materials only when you have a thorough understanding of how the implementation works.

Thus, this job role is not one that is meant for freshers. From a monetary point of view, the salary structure here is better than that of most other fields. The average salary here is Rs 15,19,885. Those possessing a better skill set have a take-home package that is higher than this.

• Type Of Jobs

Like most other software and application-related jobs, most of the jobs in this field are in the private sector. Amongst that, one may choose to work either with MNCs or with start-ups. Amongst the product-based companies, firms like Philips, Nokia, HP and Videocon are amongst the biggest recruiters. In the service sector, EY, Deloitte, Cognizant and Infosys are the biggest names in the country.

• Work Environment

As is evident from the nature of the job here, most of the work of these people involves working in front of the computer. Since there is a lot of planning involved, a considerable amount of the day goes into effective brainstorming sessions for these people. Some companies allow these people to work from home whereas others do not. In either case, rarely do such people have to work on weekends or in rotational shifts. In some situations, they will have to collaborate the work of their team which might require them to travel to the office once in a while.

One of the many professions that have expanded their horizons in the last decade, the world of application architecture does look promising. Here, there is the perfect blend of technical expertise and that of creative aptitude and that is why more and more people who have high calibre are choosing it.

While this means greater competition in the field, the other side of the story is there are a number of newer job opportunities that are coming up in this field; hence, the future of application architecture does look promising.

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