How to become a better student?

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How to become a better student?

And as if it wasn't enough to be a student, the world expects a "better" student. One often wonders how much is actually enough to sustain the pressure of competition. Only those who have it shall go far.Being a student is a big task. There are homework, assignments, surprise tests, exams, peer pressure, parent pressure and teachers' high expectations, to name a few dancing their way into the young minds which makes it difficult for the students to focus due to fear of losing the mad race.

Despite the fact that students try hard to be the best, often they fail to achieve what is required. This results in them being called "poor students". How does one become a better student in order to eliminate the negative remarks against them?

Here is how...

  • To build a good image of a student, always be obedient. Never postpone a task. Treat each deed with value and importance.
  • Know your lessons before they are taught, at least glance through once. This way you will understand the lesson when the teacher teaches and you will be able to answer the questions that come by.
  • Plan your schedule for each day. Have a to-do list which will clearly spare out a time for studies and school/college work.
  • Expand your horizon. Whenever you have time to spare, explore things.Try and learn a subject no one else knows in class. You can be the one who will be able to teach them.
  • Finish your assignments and other school/college related work in time. If you delay then you've got the "bad" tag.
  • Stay smart by being knowledgeable. Never stop learning.
  • Make up your mind to top the class. This itself is a major leap into becoming a better student.
  • Stay motivated. Self motivation is the most effective form of motivation. Affirm yourself that you are becoming a better student each day.
  • Stay out of hustles as much as possible. You do not want a black mark against your name.
  • Do not be friends with negative people. You will win no Nobel prize for being with them and they will influence you with their negative thoughts and make things worse.
  • Appreciate your teacher wholeheartedly and not just to stay in his/her good books.
  • Raise the level of your goal settings to a higher note each time. This way you can measure how better you are becoming.

Learning is something that will last for as long as the human race exists. Therefore, be your own competitor. Be the best you can. Break your own records. Never let the ego get into your mind and you shall always succeed.

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