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Ways to teach about cultural diversity to students

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Ways to teach about cultural diversity to students

India is generally known for "unity in diversity". What is the meaning of this? It means that we have a lot of different cultures co-existing in India. Cultural diversity is nothing but the differences in culture. School is one such place where cultural diversity is high. Children who otherwise are not aware of the existence of different cultures, meet children of other culture at schools.

Consider the advantages of teaching cultural diversity to students:
* It helps students learn new things, a different culture has to offer.
* It makes students patriotic. Once they learn about various culture of India, they begin to understand their importance and they will start respecting what the country has to offer.
* Helps students learn new languages. It might help them at some point in time.
* Helps students value the rich heritage that India has.
* Helps them break barriers and to value unity.
* Helps them overcome differences.

Hence, it becomes vital that they are aware of cultural diversity.

Here are some tips on how one can help students know about cultural diversity in India.

* Let them know that the difference exists:
Begin with telling the students that everyone is not the same. Only when the students realise this, is when they will acknowledge that the diversity exists.
* Understand each child's culture:
Make the students describe their culture to the class. When each of them explains this, everyone else will be able to understand the different cultures their peers follow.
* Make students exchange cultures:
Make students adopt different cultures on different days during the week in the class. This will help them learn a new culture and also to respect it.
* Celebrate cultures:
Organise a cultural celebration day, as this is a great way to help students learn different cultural attributes. Ask them to showcase their culture.
* Discuss culture:
Let the students speak about their own culture. Encourage them to address the issues about their culture, help them identify the pros and cons of their own culture. Be sure to allow them to speak against (if they have to) only their culture.
* Help them accept the variations:
Every culture is different, help them accept the fact that each culture has its own ways and each has to be respected for what it is. Suggest them some movies, books or websites to take a look at, to understand the concept of "unity in diversity".
* Take them out for community service:
This is one way where you can get the students to understand the core of equality and to teach them how to develop helping nature. Working together as a group towards a community will erase all differences among them.
* Build humanity:
When students are aware about different cultures, they become more humanitarian. They are forced to respect one another which may lead to making them become humble.
* Have a cultural group:
Create a cultural group and make the students become members of the same. Conduct debates, competitions, talks and seminars etc., to have an exchange of cultural knowledge.

We believe in "Oneness". Hence, it is vital that the students learn the differences and yet grow without disrespecting one another. The best qualities can be embedded into the students when they are taught about cultural diversity and how to live with the differences. This plays a vital role for the growth of a country.

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