Fun With Learning: 5 Interesting Ways Teachers Can Make Students Perform

By Malavikka

When something is pointed at students as a mistake or a weakness, especially kids take it as a negative remark and that makes them feel low. However, when placed before them as an activity or a competition, they are more likely to participate and break the barriers, Here are a few activities cum learning methods that teachers can conduct in class to help kids pick up subjects better through fun with learning.


Speed Studying Contest

When asked students to study something and recite the next day, it could be considered as a boring homework. On the contrary, if kids are asked to study a specific paragraph or an answer within a stipulated period with a reward for the quickest recital, it could trigger excitement and enthusiasm for the study session.

Concentration Game

This is similar to meditation but a way that people could easily do. It is the concentration game. Heres how to play it. Ask all the students in the class to close their eyes. Now make deliberate noises and make a list of other noises in the surrounding and ask them to name it at once they open their eyes.

The person with the highest number of answers could be rewarded for their attentiveness. The time period for this game could hardly be a couple of minutes. If you start your lecture post this session, students would've got a break from the monotony as well as acquired their warm up concentration practice.

5 Ways Teachers Can Make Students Perform

Time Management Incentive

Homeworks could be tiring and there may be irregular students who never do it at home. The best way that you can make them do it is to ask them to manage their time during the school hours and utilise their free periods and breaks to complete their homework before they leave for the day. Racing up with other classmates would give students an adrenaline rush, as well as company to do their work quicker and a perk for this, would make them diligent always!

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Seminar Classes

Asking the students to teach sections of the lessons will help them not only learn the part but also develop good stage presence and alleviate their stage fear. Bonus benefit, it would also help them understand the teacher's pain in putting efforts to make them learn and make them empathic the next time that they are in class

Doubt Sprout

Some students either because of their less attention span or shyness might not be interactive in the classes and would prefer to stay mum. A session just for doubts could make them enthusiastic about asking doubts in class and participative. Dont worry, you could handle all the silly questions as you are in control of the class already. The person who asks the best doubts could be rewarded and this would help in building their classroom profile better.

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