Bully-phobia? Are you getting bullied? Learn how to tackle them

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Bully-phobia? Learn how to tackle them!


In most of the children movies or stories there is always a good child who has to put up with a bad child. The good one is always suffering and taking all the blame for the wrong things done by the bad child, aka, the mean bully.

You have wished and prayed each day for that annoying bully to disappear. No magic here... You can't just do the wishful thinking forever! You have to think of other ways. Identify what kind of a bully you are up against. Learn the bully types and how to handle them below:

1) "Bruce Lee type":

They think nothing and all that they would do is mash you up like a boiled potato.

Ouch! That hurts! Now if you have any visible marks or wounds caused due to the bully attack,don't keep it as a big secret! The more you take it from them the more you'll get.

*What you can do is:

Go straight to the authority in school, inform your parents. If it bothers you that the bullies may take further action against you regarding this, well for your information they can't! Because they are now aware that you aren't scared of them because you had the courage to go expose them! You could also take up a martial art class as an add on. Learn to defend yourself, it will last you a lifetime.

2) "The rotten mouth type":

These are the bullies who can't seem to utter anything nice about you!

They abuse you verbally. They could be calling you nasty things, commenting on your appearance or anything that you do, saying bad things about you as if they were facts!

*What you can do is:

You cannot relay on anybody for a witness. What you could do is again, let the authorities know. Ask them to listen on a sly, to what the bully has to say about you, if you are allowed a mobile phone (if not first let the right people know about it and then take their permission and to take a mobile phone or a recording device along) record the bully's words secretly and provide it as a supporting evidence. After that they will be taken care of by the right people.

3) "The media type":

These are the ones who will spread all kinds of news about you that you'll be surprised to know!

They will back-stab you, publish rumors about you, and put you down at every opportunity they get.

*What you can do is:

Communicate with people, make friends, and reason things out with the others, let them know that there is something fishy, because everyone seems to feel you are wrong because they have been told about you that way. Ask them the source of information, when everyone is taking the same bully's name, tell them to see the truth.

4) "Web bully":

These are the bullies who send bad stuff harassing you through messages or mails etc.

*What you can do is:

Save the data and report against the person. Block the person from your profile.

These are some of the things you can do to come out of the "bully-phobia". You cannot be scared of them forever! Bullies enjoy it when you react to them, the whole purpose of bullying lies thus. So stop reacting to them, report the problem to authorities. Socialise and make a lot of friends so that you will have support from them when needed.

Remember that the bully is just another human being. He/she maybe behaving in that manner for some obvious reason. Ask them if they are picking on you just because they want to be "known" in that case thank them for thinking that you could help them become popular! A bully could be that way due to problems at home, psychological problems etc, where they are showing the frustration on you. Don't think that you maybe able to stuff some sense in this regard to them, if you really want to help them and help yourself then just let the right people know about the same.

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