Best Resignation Reasons When You Want To Join Another Company

By Shatavisha Chakravorty

No matter which job you do or what your designation within the company is, you will definitely get to learn something from your current job. After the initial days of enthusiasm, the learning curve gradually become stagnant. With all of this, after a certain amount of time you may want to move to some other company or organisation. While doing something like that is pretty good for your personal growth, it is sometimes a little difficult to explain your stance to your current employers.


Being blunt about the fact that you are moving to some other organisation (particularly if the company concerned is a professional rival of your current organisation), will not earn you any credits. In today's world, it is a good idea to be on good terms with your manager and colleagues while leaving an organisation.

Best Resignation Reasons

This will ensure that you get the necessary recommendations and referrals whenever you need them. In such a scenario, writing a resignation letter when you are shifting to some other organisation is a tricky thing. To help you out, this article talks about different reasons that you can give for your resignation and subsequent move to a different company.

1. Blame It On The Traffic

This is especially applicable if you live in a metropolitan city like Delhi or Bangalore. If your new company or firm is not close to your place of residence, this is one legitimate reason that you can use. If you are asked to verbally explain the same, you can state that the daily traffic is taking a toll on your health. You can even talk about the number of productive hours that are you are losing out in your day due to the travel involved.

2. Change In Leadership Of The Team

In case there has been any recent change in the leadership of the team that you are working for, you can say that because of this change you have noticed a change in the direction in which the team is heading.

You can go on to explain how you feel that the direction in which the team is heading does not align with that of your personal goals and that is why you are looking forward to joining some other organisation.

This is a very valid reason and the management of any company will respect you for having the integrity to quit the company for a reason like this.

3. Moving On To More Challenging Roles

If you have been in the same role or designation in your current organisation for more than a couple of years, you can say that you have been challenged enough in your current role. You can go on to explain how you are taking up this new job as a challenge and how you intend to learn and grow through it.

Understand that the management of any organisation respects people who come out of their comfort zone in an endeavour to learn something new and use that for their professional growth.

4. Company Culture And Size

If you are moving from a larger company to a smaller one (or vice versa) you can always say that you are doing this because you want to work in a totally different environment. You can explain how you have enjoyed working in the current job and the good things that you have learnt from the company's work culture.

After this, you can explain that you want to work in a place that has a completely different work culture so that you can evolve as an individual.

5. State Personal Reasons If You Are Moving To Your Home Town

Understand that you are not really answerable to your firm's management for all personal reasons. If you are moving to your home town (or in a location that is closer to that of your home town) you can always state the poor health of your near and dear ones or your homesickness to be the reason for the same.

If you do not want to get to the details, you can merely state that by moving to the new organisation your home town will be more accessible to you and, for some personal reason, you want it to be that way.

6. Inability To Work In Shifts

You can use this excuse if your current job requires you to work in shifts but the job that you are moving to does not demand the same. You can talk about how working in shifts is taking a toll on your overall physical and mental well-being and you no longer want to continue with the same.

Be very polite while stating this reason. You may also go ahead and talk about how working in shifts has been good for you and the things that you have learnt while doing the same.

7. Mention Technology Change

If you are moving to a completely different technology or domain, make sure that you bring the same to the notice of your current employer. You can then state that you had always been interested in that particular technology and the shift in the organisation was because the other firm was offering you an opportunity to explore the technology of your choice.

This will allow you to remain in the good books of your manager and supervisor as you make a fresh start in your career.

8. Talk About Restructuring

This is applicable if your firm has recently acquired some other organisation. The same holds good if your company has been acquired by someone else. In either of the cases, you can expect a certain amount of restructuring within the organisation.

You can state that you are afraid that this type of restructuring will affect your team and that you want to quit the company before such a thing happens. This is a very legitimate reason and you do not have to worry about the consequences of stating such a reason.

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