As teachers, how to reach the unreachable student groups?

As teachers, how to reach the unreachable student

In acknowledging many challenges that teachers face today, it calls for specially skilled hands to reach out to those groups of students who resist learning activities, who seem unreachable, or who have lost their intrinsic motivation to learn.


Perhaps, by busting the bubble that teachers are superhuman, we see that there are some things they just cannot accomplish for all we know. Within the classroom walls and alongside the students' learning journey, it is necessary to observe and help them get motivated to follow their own interests, purposes, goals and not just to do what we want them to do. Working alongside students would actually help develop a relationship of trust, that help them connect their learning with their life's goals.

To achieve this, it becomes a vital need to check on what teachers think, say and do. These three steps of thinking, saying and doing, ultimately influences, guides and challenges the students on their behaviour or resistance to learn in an educational environment.

Read on to find certain ways to reach out to those unreached group of students:

Every human is naturally designed to grow.

Everyone has the ability to grow and change. With a mind-set to grow, one can see mistakes as opportunities to learn. On the contrary, a fixed mind-set pulls down the shutters on growth and change. It tends to place students under certain categories, affecting their overall behaviour and response to learning. By having a mentality to grow rather, teachers nurture the primary responsibility for students in overcoming their learning challenges.

Open to more knowledge.

Knowledge can be acquired from any source, person or a thing. It is not defined by the age or status level of a person. Asking students for ideas isn't a sign of weakness, but of strength. It might help them feel more encouraged, motivated and engaged in the session of learning. Challenged learners show more progress when the knowledge becomes accessible and a shared property. Getting information and sharing information voluntarily with students rejuvenates their intrinsic motivation to learn and be interactive in class.

Being flexible helps.

One of the most important thing teachers can try, is to help students who come up with a challenge. Teachers need to draw a balance between giving instructions and managing different types of students. Few ways of flexibly facing student's challenges are: creating a visual representation of a concept, preparing a list of questions to tackle the issue, allowing group work to happen. You may even spend time with the student in knowing what he/she is facing, and try to fix it.

Acknowledge stress and ease them down.

When people are under stress, they tend to have less self-control. You may find that while picking up a conversation with him or her. It could be for various reasons like personal issues, family trouble or similar problems. But, positive effect may happen to students who vent worries, if given an opportunity. Acknowledge their stressful phase, and try to ease them down by hinting that you're with them.

Learning through life's lessons.

Implementing what is taught is easier said than done. You build healthy relationship with students with conscious effort, as practice flows naturally. Life teaches lessons that make an impact on students' interests and goals, as an engine for motivation. Convey positive messages to students like 'yes', 'please', 'thank you' and 'you can'. Even as teachers, committing mistakes are very human. So, apologies come in handy. There's nothing wrong in accepting your fault and stating it.

This is what we had to share. If you have more to add on to the topic, kindly share it with us here:

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