8 Unique Hobbies that Students can Take up to Relax

By George

Hobbies and extracurricular activities play a major role in the development of a student. A student learns many qualities and lessons from these. Schools, parents, and teachers have the responsibility of establishing the environment for these activities to be taken up by the students.

Take a Note

One thing must be kept in mind. The activities shouldn't be forced upon the kids. Many parents force their kids into sports, dance or music, believing that, it is actually helping them out. But no it isn't. A student, a child at that must not be forced to do any activities.

8 Unique Hobbies that Students can Take up


Activities can range from mere hobbies to defense classes, to a practice. The idea is to provide an opportunity for the student to relax. Being a student comes with a lot of expectations when it comes to studies. They need some time off from the rigorous work mode. The curricular and extracurricular activities provide this time out to the students.

These are some of the hobbies and activities that are perfect for the students:



Yoga is a collection of spiritual, physical and mental practices that has its origins in ancient India, speculated to have arisen during the pre-Vedic period. In past, Yoga was practiced as part of our everyday lives. Over the time it lost its sense. Today, with many centers and the government's initiative there is more awareness about the practice of Yoga and the positives of it.

Why should a student take this up?

  • Helps to maintain health and fitness.
  • Increases concentration.
  • Clears mind from all distraction.
  • Helps to control the emotions.


Origami is a Japanese art of paper folding. The idea is to fold the piece of paper into a sculpture by folding and sculpting. Though it might sound easy, Origami is very difficult when it comes to forming complex sculptures. Origami can be simple and easy, like the plane crane or can be very complex. There are professionals who make a livelihood out of making Origami.

Why should a student take this up?

  • Boosts your brain health.
  • Increase Problem-solving.
  • Develops Hand Eye movements.
  • Increases Cognitive Skills.


Judo in Japanese means 'gentle way', a modern martial art, which was established as a form of teaching that focuses on the physical, mental and moral aspects. The art and practice of judo started in the late seventeenth century. The form turned into a very important part of the Japanese culture, with competitions and events becoming very common. One can learn discipline and self-defense by knowing Judo.

Why should a student take this up?

  • Increases the student's confidence.
  • Helps in providing direction and setting of goals.
  • Increases the defensive attitude of the student.
  • Provides health and fitness.
Glass Painting

Glass Painting

Painting in itself is an amazing platform that has been with since the early times of humans. With the discovery of glass, humans brought their knowledge of painting and glass together. This resulted in an amazing amalgamation. Glass Paintings were first used as early as 19th century in Europe. Today it has spread out throughout the world, with many artists using it to display their forte in art.

Why should a student take this up?

  • Can be used for therapy.
  • Increase the emotional intelligence.
  • Helps in increasing concentration and healing process.
  • Helps in a better understanding of culture.


Poetry can be used in multiple terms by a student. Either they can write poetry and do a self-reading. Poetry can also just be used by, consuming poetry of other poets. Forming groups and writing poetry on different topics can also be taken up. Poetry helps to understand the problems lying in the subconscious. Students can also take up spoken word poetry which involves poetry and drama. Many communities are bringing up this form of poetry as a form of dialogue and talking about important topics like suicide prevention, equal rights, mental illness etc.

Why should a student take this up?

  • Helps to know others and build a community.
  • Helps the students to explore themselves.
  • Increases vocabulary and use of words.
  • Increases their social behavior.
Playing Violin

Playing Violin

Violin can be one of the difficult string instruments that can be played, but it is also one of the soulful instruments. Violin is a wooden string instrument, which has its origins in Italy. It takes years of practice to be an expert. One needs a teacher from the very start if they are seriously interested in instrument. A student can learn many important lessons that can be helpful during school years if they take up violin side by side.

Why should a student take this up?

  • Improves the senses.
  • Helps in expressing oneself.
  • Increases social skills
  • Increases memory


Badminton is a sport that is played with a racket to hit the shuttlecocks across the net. It is usually played in singles and doubles. The sport is famous, in Asia, Europe, Africa and the areas of Oceania.

The game was developed in British India. It requires speed, strength, and agility. Students, who want to have a light sport going on in the background during the tight schedules can take up Badminton.

Why should a student take this up?

  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Decreases the chances of diabetes and heart diseases.
  • Helps in maintaining physical fitness.
  • Maintains metabolism.


Now a lot of you might think, that gardening is for adults, especially for senior citizens. But students can learn a lot from gardening if they are interested in it. Other than the obvious connecting with nature, which is rarely seen in the youth and children today, students can gain a lot from gardening. There are several schools, where students are taught about gardening and asked to maintain school gardens.

Why should a student take this up?

  • Helps in maintaining psychomotor abilities.
  • Increases the planning and organizing ability.
  • Students get to know about scientific concepts.
  • Involves healthy eating habits.

There we have these eight activities that can definitely help them during their studies for some free time.

These will also transform how students behave in their day to day lives.

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