7 tactful ways to deal with a difficult teacher

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We are always taught to respect teachers, because they give us priceless knowledge. The various subjects we have, will certainly have teachers of various kind. There are some very friendly teachers who are easily approachable and are good guides for life; while there are others who can be extremely strict, rude and difficult to handle.


If you are one of those students who has to put up with a difficult teacher, then here are some tips for you to handle them.

1) Identify:
The first thing to do, would be to identify in which category of "difficult teacher" does the teacher fall under. Is the teacher always annoyed and angry? Is the teacher tough just on you, or everyone alike? When does the teacher lose temper? Is it when you have not finished the assigned work?
Identifying will help in understanding what causes the teacher to be difficult to handle and what is the reason for him/her to be that way. For instance, if the teacher gets tough on you because you did not complete the assignment, then make sure you never miss out on the tasks assigned by that teacher.

2) Speak out:
The fastest and the best things to do would be, to go straight ahead and speak to the teacher about your problems. Inform them that you fear them or you are not able to do well in the class due to their behaviour against you. Most teachers will acknowledge this and will try to change themselves. However, there can be some who would not like it if you spoke to them about their attitude. Be sure to know their type as mentioned in point 1.

3) Write a letter or a note:
If you are not comfortable speaking to the teacher upfront about how you feel about their behaviour towards you, then leave them a note or write them a letter explaining the situation. Make them understand that you are suffering due to their bad behaviour.

7 tactful ways to deal with a difficult teacher

4) Score high and perform better in their subjects:
Many teachers like only those who are the brightest of students in the class, while, they are rude to others. Perhaps, they think that if they are tough on students, it might help them study and perform better in exams. But, the things might work out the other way around. If they are not ready to listen to you, then work hard and score high in their subjects to show them that you are trying your best.

5) Make them feel special:
It often works out, only if you have tried to do good at their subjects. Because, the capability of a teacher is often judged, based on how well the class performs. Be sure to perform well in the subjects. Thank them or gift them a nice book or a "teacher-accessory" (Do not gift cane sticks etc! This would mean that you are indirectly telling them that they are always beating children around!)

6) Inquire and find out from peers:
Inquire and find out from your classmates. Ask them if they feel the teacher is difficult to put up with, or is it just your personal feeling. If it is just you, then you will have to find out why you feel that way, and use one of the above mentioned tactics to approach them and inform them as to why you feel that way. However, if there is a bunch of people who feel the same, then, you can approach the teacher as a group and discuss the issue.

7) Approach the higher authorities:
If it is none of your faults and yet, the teacher is someone difficult to handle, then approach higher authority. Like, the Head Of the Department (HOD) or the headmistress/ headmaster or the school principal. Be sure to discuss this with your parents as well. They will be able to solve the issue.

These are some ways to deal a difficult teacher. You can share your views or more ways to deal with the difficult teacher here: https://www.facebook.com/careerindia.com

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