5 Ways to Talk to Students About Sensitive Issues in the News

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Students are vulnerable. Their young minds are active and reactive. Hence, it becomes vital to take care about the things that enter their minds. The world is full of news that are good, bad and worst. What among these, must the children know? What among these must they be kept away from? Certainly, there are news that are of importance, and yet one would doubt if the students are to know about it or not.


Here are 5 ways to talk to students about sensitive issues in news:

* Understand the importance and reason things out:
First things to do, is to know if the issue in the news is worth being told. Once that is done, you have the reason why the students have to know about it. When you are ready with the reason, you can pass on the information to the students, allowing them to think over the issue. Alongside, providing them the reason why they have to know about it.

*Educate yourself:
Prepare yourself for the discussion. Be aware of the background issues, know the causes. Think of ways to resolve the issue, discuss about it, ask the students' opinion.

5 Ways to Talk to Students About Sensitive Issues

*Encourage them:
Encourage the students to speak out on the sensitive issues, help them know why it important for them to know, and what do they think must be done in order to overcome the issues. Help them weigh things out on what is right and what is wrong.

*Make rules:
Every time there is a discussion held that addresses an issue, make sure a set of rules is followed. At the start of the term, you could make rules such as "no taking names", "no using certain words", "not considering a classmate to give an example" etc., which will allow the students to filter things out for themselves. Additionally, the conflicts among students regrading the usage of a classmate's name etc can be avoided.

* Have a proper tone:
How you sound is most important. You cannot have a wrong tone while addressing a sensitive issue. If that happens you will end up giving the wrong idea to the students. Modulate the tone and send across the idea in a sensitive and honest manner.

Knowing about the things happening around the world is important, and knowing it in the right manner is most important, and hence, with some care, the sensitive issues in the news can be put across to students such that, their knowledge of current affairs will stay stable.

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