5 Ways To Spot Fake Ad Jobs Today

By Shatavisha Chakravorty

With an increase in the demand for jobs and the limited availability, it is understood that people are getting all the way more desperate to bag a job. In order to do that, they take to any means and in the process end up falling prey to a fake advertisement for jobs. By responding to these fake advertisements, it is often seen that the candidates have their hopes and aspirations raised only to be disappointed.


What is worse is the fact that candidates often end up losing money or even their morale and confidence in the process. In order to avoid such a thing from happening to you, this article gives you five tips to identify fake job advertisements.

5 Ways To Spot Fake Ad Jobs Today

1. Unsolicited Email

No matter how qualified or professionally capable you are, no one will want to hire a person who is not interested in the position. In today's competitive world, there will be hundreds of people applying for a particular position and the organisation will not face any dearth of eligible candidates.

Thus, if you find yourself getting job offers from a place that you have not applied for, understand that the offers are not genuine. Do not make the mistake of replying to those or provide the user with any form of confidential information like your marks, year or institute of passing the relevant exams.

If an imposter gets to know such information about you, they can use the same to your disadvantage and harm you in many unforeseen manners.

2. The Post Is Anonymous

If any respectable company makes a job offer, they will not shy away from stating their identity. The name of the recruiter along with a company email address should be mentioned in the advertisement. The email address of the person advertising should not be a personal mail.

Also, make sure that the company has a registered website and the same is mentioned in the advertisement. If that is not the case, take that as a cue of the advertisement being a dubious one.

Before you consider joining any company, it will be a good idea to find out more about the interview experience of others in that organisation and find out more about the person who is responsible for the recruitment.

For that, you may use several portals like LinkedIn, Facebook, Glassdoor, etc. An anonymous advertisement will not give you that option and that is why you must not entertain those.

3. No Position Description

Any respectable company will be very clear on what it expects from a particular person. If you are not being told about what the exact job role is and what is expected from you, understand that there is something fishy going on. Just knowing the designation will not suffice.

Irrespective of whether you are a fresher or if you have years of experience in this field, make sure that you are aware of a detailed description of the job that you are applying for before you take up the position. If the same is not told you, be blunt and ask about it directly.

If despite that the organisation refuses to divulge any details, understand that this advertisement is a fake one.

4. It Looks Too Good To Be True

These days, you will find a number of advertisements that tell you that you can make a lot of money sitting at home doing virtually nothing. In other cases, you will notice that a particular advertisement is offering you compensation that is much higher than that of the market standards.

Things like those are initiated only to attract your attention. Do not fall prey to such marketing gimmicks and make a fool of your career. Be logical and take a moment to think why the company wants to pay you the amount that it is ready to.

If the amount is greater than the market standards, the company will naturally be in a loss if it hires you. No company would want that. Thus, if an advertisement promises you that, understand that the very advertisement is fake and ignore or report the same.

5. Payment Required

A job is where you will be paid for rendering your service and no one will ask you to pay to get a job. Irrespective of the size of the organisation, the domain that you are working in or the geographical location of the same, the aim of the firm will be to hire the most suitable resource for a particular post.

The employees a company hires are their biggest investments. A company would not make compromises with the quality of the same for the sake of few thousand rupees. Thus, if any company asks for any sort of payment before you join the firm, this is something that is suspicious.

In such a case, the first and foremost thing that you must do is to find out if the person who is your point of contact is not indulging in some personal money-making business.

With the aforementioned tips in action, you are well equipped to make conscious decisions. Your career choice and subsequent job selection are amongst of the most important career decisions that you will have to make and it is advised that you do not make a mistake with that particular thing.

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