5 Tips To Build A Healthy Teamwork Environment In An Organisation

By Shatavisha Chakravorty

Irrespective of the career you are in, you may end up working for an organisation. Very few people actually work single-handedly. Most professions demand that you work as a team. Doing that means that you must interact with a number of people. Your work will invariably depend on theirs as theirs will depend on yours. Irrespective of the department that you work for, the work of every other department is bound to have some impact on you. As an individual and as a team, you can function to the best of your abilities if and only if everyone else does their job well.


Thus, for any organisation to function well, it is important that there is a team spirit amongst its employees. Not only will such a thing help in improving the work culture of an organisation, but it will also result in better productivity.

5 Tips To Build A Healthy Teamwork

Now, considering that any organisation has members coming from different backgrounds (we are talking in the perspective of ethnic, racial, educational and other parameters) it may be a little difficult to foster a spirit of cooperation amongst them.

However, knowing the importance of the same in the development of the company, it is essential that we take adequate measures in this regard. This article talks about 5 tips on how to build a healthy teamwork environment.

1. Employee Involvement

As an employer, it is important to understand the difference between an employee and a puppet. You can get optimum results from your employees if and only if you involve your employees in the decision-making process.

While we understand that it is not possible for hundreds of people to be making decisions and there has to be someone who is accountable for the organisation's stand, the fact is that it is equally important to ensure that the employees feel involved in the entire process.

Try to organise polls or have one-on-one discussions with your employees on important matters pertaining to the growth of the organisation. It will be a good idea to give your employees a certain number of shares in the company. No matter how small the number is, doing something like that will make them feel involved in the entire process which will, in turn, foster a team spirit amongst them.

2. Decentralise The Responsibilities

It is often seen that in a team, the team members find it difficult to relate to the team leader and as a result, they do not cooperate in a manner that is expected of them. To avoid such a thing from happening, the best way out would be to decentralise the responsibility so that everyone is accountable for something or the other. This will ensure that they perform to the best of their abilities.

By taking up complete responsibility for a particular thing, one will be able to step in the shoes of their manager or supervisor and thus, get to know about the professional challenges that these people encounter. This will foster a better understanding within the team and will encourage people to get to know each other better.

Thus, decentralising of responsibilities will make every employee feel like a leader themselves and that will go a long way in promoting a work culture of team building within the company.

3. Promote Honesty

It may not always be that the leader of the team is the smartest one on the team. Even if they are, there may be times when someone else on the team has a better idea about a particular matter. As a team, it is essential that there should be freedom of speech. The leader should be open to criticism and anyone should not be encouraged to be a yes-man to their thoughts and ideas.

If things like honesty and constructive criticism are encouraged, only then can the team perform well. It is in such a scenario that there is a feeling of ownership and every member feels responsible for the happenings of the team. Honesty and freedom of thought are some of the fundamental human values and promoting these within the team will go a long way in building an efficient team.

4. Brainstorming Sessions

There is nothing more appealing than that of an intellectual bond. That sort of thing happens when a group of people are subjected to some intellectual challenge. The organisation can organise a fake project wherein people are shuffled into groups. In order to obtain the best results out of this activity, it will be wise to pair unlikely partners together. All the groups are then given a common task.

The task may range from making things out of waste to cooking without fire or marketing a given fake product (or for that matter anything else). By engaging in this sort of activity, people get an opportunity to come out of their comfort zone and build interpersonal interactions. This will enable employees to learn from each other and enjoy working as a team.

5. Treat Team Members As Family Members

For a team to perform well it is important for them to have a sense of mutual understanding. As much as one would like to segregate their personal and professional lives, the fact is that every person has highs and lows in their personal life and things like that are bound to affect their work. At times like that, in order to maximise the team performance, the only way out would be by standing beside each other as a family.

When office teams start treating each other as a family, there is an unsaid ownership of a person over the work of others. Thus, any mistake that is committed by any individual is rectified by members of their team before the matter reaches the management or the client. This will not just promote the feeling of oneness within the team but will also foster the path to better team delivery.

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