20 Things That Make You Look Rude In A Job Interview

By Malavikka

Interview is the threshold to a job opportunity. Getting into the job or getting rejected not only depends on your technical skills but also other factors such as soft skills and presentation skills. Although you might have had an idea on how to answer certain common questions, there are norms that you must follow to make a good impression. There are certain things that you must avoid asking even though your curiosity levels are brimming with respect to a doubt or expectation.


Here are 20 things that make you look rude in a job interview. Go through them and make a note of them to avoid the risk of being rejected in your next job interview:

Hey Dude

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Having in mind that you must sound confident, avoid overdoing it. It is better to address your interviewer as Sir/Madam or by name rather than trying to portray a funky image of who you are. Avoid any informal address such as dude, babe, lady or man. If you want to sound professional, maintain a normal tone than a fakely high or low one.

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Let's Get Started!

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Dont barge into starting the interview. It is outright rude to take on the lead before your interviewer. Wait until the interviewer starts the interview.

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I'm Here For A Long Time

I'm Here For A Long Time

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This might be a casual remark but remember that it gives the interviewer an image that you are annoyed with him already. Patience is the key element to acing an interview.

At the end of the interview, the employer is more likely to ask you if you have anything to tell. Politely put it forth that the process took too long. But sound subtle and convey it on a lighter note. At the most the interviewer would explain why it took so long or even apologise. So wait for your turn to be asked rather than jumping at it even before the start of the interview.

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I'm Late!

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You could have made it late to the interview and it is apparent. What is the point of iterating it? Confessing that you are late is not going to make you a good samaritan. Starting with an excuse could get you a bad first impression. Instead, shake hands and gently smile with confidence giving the interviewer the notion that you are ready to get started for a promising interview session. If the interviewer asks about you being late, you could tell them the reason.

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Whats The Company About?

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Did you get to the company straight away, just as you heard about a vacancy without actually even knowing what they do? Now, this is a definitely not advisable, a strong no! If you had not gotten enough time to do some research, you could have done it on the go during your travel or waiting time. Don't give the employer the impression that you don't really care about them and are just keen on the job for the money.

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Did You Read My Resume?

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The interviewer must have definitely gone through your curriculum vitae and does know your resume. But when he or she asks you to explain your project role, leave out the mundane details and instead grab the opportunity to present how your project experience is very relevant to the company's requirements and hit the bull's eye.

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When Can I Meet Senior Level People?

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This question gives the interviewer the message that you are looking beyond him or her but not in a good way. You must first impress the current interviewer to get to the next round of the interview. So it is better to live in the present and wait for the approval of your interviewer rather than trying to sound as a double crosser or being disrespectful of the interviewer's volition.

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I Had Imagined A Different Office Set Up

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Not everyone's expectations meet reality. Being upfront about your expectation of the office ambience could be an uninvited opinion. You anyway have the option to take up the opportunity or turn it down. So avoid negative statements during your interview. Answer to the point and avoid deviations especially with opinionated statements irrelevant to your job role.

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There Are Rumours About The CEO...

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You might have got some information about the company and the management. But use it to the relevance of your interview. If you were not happy with the news you got, you could have avoided attending the interview. There is no point trying to verify a rumour during the interview. This question could get you a direct ticket to the exit. Avoid giving your employer the hint that you are eager about gossips and politics even before you enter the company.

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Are You Married/Single?

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Avoid any kind of personal questions. Your business in the interview is to understand the job and present your skills. In the motive of trying to make a personal connection, you do not want to come across as a flirt or a jerk. Keep your conversations formal and with relevance to your job.

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How Were My Answers?

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You will receive the feedback through the HR. Asking direct questions will not only make the interviewer uncomfortable but will also make him or her judge your decision to ask untimely questions. The interviewer would already have a hiring process. So instead, ask about the next process indirectly than showing yourself as naively over enthusiastic.

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The Organisation Needs Change

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You could be an asset to the organisation and bring about positive changes. But that will happen only if you get into it. Know the right time to put forth feedback. Do not give one unless asked. Pointing out a vice in the organisation during an interview could make you sound rude and not intellectual.

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I Have To Take This Call!

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If you have more important things to do than attend the interview, you are better off away, and not in the interview room. Giving the impression that something else is more important can make you look like someone whose priority is not work.

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I Have To Go!

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You must be adult enough to stay at a place for longer than you expected even when you have other commitments consequently. Leaving early is an obvious sign you give the interviewer to drop you from being hired.

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I Know This And That

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You were shortlisted for a reason that your resume has already conveyed about your skills. Don't emphasise on all the things in the world that you know. That would make you sound braggadocious over being intellectual. Convey the skills relevant to your job and any further details only when asked.

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How Did You Get This Role?

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No, you will not be appreciated as a visionary when you ask this question. You will instead be looked at as someone judging the interviewer itself and will be rejected for lack of humility.

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The Elections And The Political Party...

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No, you are not displaying your knowledge of the current affairs when you talk about the elections and political parties. You are being suggestive of the party that you support. This could be at your disadvantage if the interviewer supports the opposite party. So always keep out any kind of political discussions in the interview.

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I'd Like Some Coffee

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You could be hungry waiting all day. But it is not polite to demand beverages or food at an interview. Having waited all day, the interview would be finished soon and you could fill your hunger pangs right after. Asking for food during the interview makes you rude and inappropriate. You could accept or decline food if the interviewer offers you some. Until then, hold on to your breath a little longer.

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There Are No Weaknesses That I Have

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Humans are not perfect and it is okay to accept your imperfections rather than sounding over smart. You could even list out some lame weaknesses instead of overdoing the answer.

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What If I Don't Find The Work Suitable?

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The employer hires you on trusting you and it is not decent to ask them this question. In fact, your flexibility is what is required over anything else. Don't be vocal with all your doubts. Do some thinking yourself.

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