12 Study Hacks To Pass Exams Without Studying

Scoring well in your exams without studying sounds like a pipe dream, doesn't it?

Often studying for exams takes weeks of sleepless nights leading to stress and poor health conditions.

Most students plan for exams saying that they will not do the cramming like they did for the previous exams. They fake promise themselves saying they will never leave anything for last minute preparations.

Obviously, in reality it never happens. Does it?


What we are helping you with in this article is tips on last-minute study, which is usually filled with caffeine and sleepless nights. This is not a guide for students to become more organised or disciplined. It is all about making things happen at the Nth minute.

Read further to know, how to prepare for exams when you have hardly any time to revise:

1. Keep panic at bay: This is probably the most important thing to remember. Don't get worked up, it will not lead you anywhere nor will you get anything done. So Don't Panic!

12 Tricks to Ace Exams Without Studying

2. Find a work place you prefer: Find a suitable work place that is comfortable and be ready to spend your last minute jitters there. Leave the bed, it will get your sleep mode active.

12 Tricks to Ace Exams Without Studying

3. Assemble your requirements and ditch your distractions: Be prepared with your paper, notes, text books, water bottle. Leave your phone away from your study area, turn off the wifi. Practise on paper.

12 Tricks to Ace Exams Without Studying

4. Make a quick plan: As you have got very little time and it is almost impossible to cover the whole syllabus, pick a few important topics to cover and make a list. You may not be able to finish everything, however, it is always better to master one topic at a time than being a Jack of all.

12 Tricks to Ace Exams Without Studying

5. Time yourself: On the contrary of having barely any time left, it is better to utilise the remaining time judiciously. Make your time into parts to cover the important topics on your list. If you think there is a tricky topic, give yourself more time to go through it.

12 Tricks to Ace Exams Without Studying

6. Prioritise and get to work: Make yourself to actually start working. However hard it may seem, you have to get going. If at all you get stuck, don't stress, skip it and come back to it later, if time permits.

7. Take breaks! You deserve it: Allow yourself a luxurious break of 5 minutes every half an hour. Dance, scroll through social media and eat. Get straight back to work at the end of the 5th minute.

8. Eat! Your brain needs food too: Food keeps your brain healthy, eat something substantial to keep you full, if you are pulling an all-nighter. Do keep yourself hydrated while working.

Caffeine is your holy grail, we understand. If it makes you feel jittery, STAY AWAY.

12 Tricks to Ace Exams Without Studying

9. Talk to someone, you are in the world of the living: Don't beat yourself too much. Do not let the pressure consume you. There is life outside exams, make a quick call to someone or visit a dear one to keep yourself sane.

10. Sleep and wake up again: Sleep will help you perform much better. Rest helps your brain to process the information you have stuffed in. Wake up! Stay alert, take a cool shower, get some fresh air and make sure you have breakfast. Skipping breakfast on the day of exam is a complete no, no!

12 Tricks to Ace Exams Without Studying

11. Take a final glance at your notes before you enter the battle ground: Look over your notes before entering the exam hall, it helps. Don't do this until the last minute. Take a few minutes to calm yourself. Don't forget to breathe.

12 Tricks to Ace Exams Without Studying

12. Take a deep breath, don't get tensed: Don't let tension get to you. Read all your questions carefully and answer the ones you know best first and the rest later. Don't forget to keep an eye on the clock. Time is swift. Do not spend too much on one section. And there, it is done! You are now allowed to celebrate.

That was one hell of a ride, wasn't it? Moral of the story: Never, ever leave things to the last minute.

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