10 Mistakes You Should Avoid During UPSC Interview

The final stage of the UPSC Civil Services Examination is the UPSC interview, sometimes referred to as the personality test. It is an essential step in the selection procedure and has the power to make or break your chances of being chosen. A panel of specialists conducts the interview and assesses a candidate's fitness for civil services based on various criteria, including aptitude, personality, and communication skills.
The UPSC interview might be an anxious event, even though it's an exciting chance to show off your skills and potential. To help you prepare for the interview and avoid common pitfalls, here are 10 mistakes to avoid during the UPSC interview and how to cope with them.

10 Mistakes You Should Avoid During UPSC Interview

Lack of preparation for UPSC Interview

Going into the UPSC interview unprepared is one of the greatest blunders you can make. It is crucial to conduct in-depth research on your chosen subject, current events, the UPSC, and civil services. This will enable you to respond confidently to inquiries and dazzle the panel with your subject-matter expertise.

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Not being who you are

In addition to successfully answering questions, the UPSC interview also requires you to demonstrate your personality and uniqueness. Try to avoid pretending to be someone you are not or to have hobbies or expertise that you do not. Be true to who you are and allow your distinct personality to come through.

10 Mistakes You Should Avoid During UPSC Interview

Lack of confidence

During the UPSC interview, confidence is crucial. Lack of confidence will be evident in your speech, body language, and general attitude. To calm your anxiety and increase your confidence, try deep breathing exercises and visualisation techniques. To improve your self-esteem, also remind yourself of your accomplishments and victories.

Poor communication skills

For the UPSC interview to be successful, communication must be effective. Practice speaking clearly and concisely if you have trouble expressing yourself or have a tendency to ramble. In order to make your replies understandable, try to steer clear of jargon and difficult words.

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Not listening to the question

Not paying close enough attention to the question is one of the most frequent errors applicants make during the UPSC interview. This may result in misinterpretations and inaccurate solutions. Make sure to pay close attention to the question, and don't be afraid to ask for clarification if necessary.

Not providing examples

The UPSC panel is interested in your thinking and how you use your knowledge and abilities in practical settings. To accomplish this, use stories and examples to support your arguments and demonstrate your knowledge.

10 Mistakes You Should Avoid During UPSC Interview

Not being specific

The UPSC panel will not be impressed by vague or generic responses. Be precise and give thorough responses to demonstrate your knowledge and experience.

Not being ready for challenging questions

The UPSC panel may test your capacity for problem-solving under pressure by posing challenging and unforeseen questions to you. Prepare your responses in advance for these inquiries. Never be afraid to confess you don't know the solution and offer to explain your reasoning.

Not being aware of your body language during UPSC Interview

The UPSC panel will study your body language throughout the interview because it might reveal a lot about you. Avoid slouching or crossing your arms, which can suggest a lack of interest or confidence. Instead, keep eye contact, sit up straight, and emphasise your remarks using hand movements.

Not being ready for the unexpected

The UPSC interview involves more than just answering questions; you must also be able to adjust to the surroundings and address the panel's comments and inquiries. Be ready to react quickly and be ready for the unexpected.

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