Glimpse into the American way of life for international students

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Glimpse into the American way of life

For an international applicant who has been accepted for admission to college or university in the USA it is vital to know about American culture and the way of life in the US. Living in a foreign country is for sure a rewarding experience, but life in America is almost different from what you are used to.

Your stay in a foreign country can be difficult if you do not understand the values of the society. The values of a culture shape the way people act.

To help you learn to get adjusted, we have compiled a brief explanation about the American way of life.

The most important thing to know about the Americans in the US is their constancy of individuality. From their early lives they are trained to consider themselves as separate individuals who are responsible for their situations in life. They do not consider themselves as members of interdependent family or group.

Americans emphasise on the value of time more than others. Being late for an appointment usually requires an explanation or an apology. They have well educated values about time in general.

People in America are more sensitive about personal space. People here value individual private space, meaning an implied separation and distance from the other person.

Americans have deep faith that all people are of equal value and that no one is born superior to anyone else. They are generally uncomfortable when someone treats them with deference. They generally assume both men and women are equal and deserve the same level of respect.

Americans have the notion of equality which makes them to be quite informal in their behaviour. General speech like slang is used on most occasions, while formal speech is reserved for certain formal situations.

Americans generally are frank, open and direct in their conversation with other people. They assume that agreements are best settled by means of discussions among people involved. They speak frankly about things they dislike. They are constructive in a manner where the other person will not find it offensive.

This is a general overview of Americans is the US, it can be an helpful tool in understanding the way of life in the United States.


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