Important list of medicines for students going abroad

List of medicines for students going abroad

A well-stocked medicine kit kept within easy reach is a necessity for every home. It is more than important to have a first-aid kit when you are out of your comfort zone, miles away, pursuing your dream. Having medicinal supplies gathered ahead of time will help you handle minor emergencies. It may be useful if you have an information booklet along with your medicine supplies.


Here we provide you with the list of medicines and their dosages for the respective symptoms or indications.

"Please consult your doctor before working on your medical kit. This is to be used as a starting point only, we or the contributors are not responsible for any errors or side effects."

Name of Medicine DosageNumber of medicine
1. Allergies (e.g. continuous sneezing runny nose, wheezing, rashes)
Tab Montus - L/Tab Montek LC One tab at night for 5 days or till symptom lasts 20 nos
2. Routine infections leading to fever (e.g., throat pain, unexplained fever, cough and flu) Levoday 500mg One tab once a day for 4 days is one course 20 nos
3. Routine infections leading to fever (e.g., throat pain, unexplained fever, cough and flu)
Augmentin 625mg Two tabs a day for 5 days is one course 10 nos
4. Vitamins - To boost nutritional intake
B'complex1 tablet a day to be had when having antibiotic 1 strip
Flu symptoms (e.g., cold, runny nose, mild headache and fever, cough and throat irritation) Sinarest one tab twice a day till symptoms clear 20 nos (decongestant - very slight drowsiness)
6. Severe cold and cough Dolocold / cheston cold one tab twice a day till symptoms last 10 nos (non drowsy)
7. Muscular pains, sprains etc Hifenac - P one tab twice a day till symptoms last 20 nos ( pain killer & anti inflammatory)
8. Hyperacidity states (e.g., heart burn, bloated stomach, belching and nausea) Nexpro RD40 / Pantodac One tab once a before breakfast till symptoms last20 nos (anti acidity)
9. Abdominal (internal) pain Meftal Spas/Cyclopam One tab as required 10 nos (anti spasmodic)
10. Abdominal infections associated with diarrhoea Norflox TZ Two tabs, one after breakfast and one after dinner for 5 days20 nos (antiamoebic + antibiotic)
Diarrhoea Eldoper Two tabs, straightway as a single dose 20 nos (anti diarrheal)
12. Cuts, wounds, rash - fungal / bacterial Dermotriad cream Twice a day application 1 nos. (general purpose cream)
13. Chronic fungal skin infections & eczematous reactions - Anti fungal cream
Zole-F cream As prescribed by your physician1 nos.
14. Fever Crocin One tab every 6 hours till fever breaks 20 nos.
15.Headache, migraine, toothache,
period pain and musculoskeletal pain
Crocin Pain Relief One tab half hour before food 10 nos.
16. Indigestion, Gastric distress Pudin Hara / Digene / Digene fastmelt sachets One tab as and when required 20 nos.
17. Eye infection / irritation Ciplox eye drops 2 drops in each eye 3 times a day for 4-5 days 1 nos.
18. Ear infection Otogesic ear drops 2 drops each ear for 3-4 days or till symptom persists
1 nos.
19. Mouth ulcer Smyle mouth ulcer gel As directed by your physician
1 tube
20. Muscle pulls, sprain Volini spray / Volini gel Applied to the site of local pain 3-4 times a day
1 tube
21. Cold / stuffy nose and sore throat Vicks / vicks inhaler for cold / stuffy nose, strepsils for sore throat relief Do not use more than directed by your physician
Do not use more than directed
Cough Bricarex cough syrup (non drowsy) As directed by your physician, usually every 4 hours
Do not use more than directed
23. Cough / sore throat / runny nose Benadryl cough syrup
10 ml, only at nightDo not take more than recommended dose
24. For cuts and wounds band-aid, betadine ointment, gauze, cotton, crepe bandage Only when required

Only when required

Click here to download the list.

Medicines are to be checked regularly to make sure they are used within the expiry dates. Check your kit regularly. Replace supplies that are getting low and which have expired. You can also include other supplies in your first aid kit depending on the area which you plan to spend time.

List of medicines - Courtesy: Ivy Aspire Consulting Pvt., Ltd.

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