What you must and must not do in corporate world

By Anusha

There are some who do things and there are others who 'think' they can get it done. We are talking about the politics that runs in almost every other organisation. If you are one of those who believe that befriending and being nice to the people in authority will get you promotions, then you might be disappointed to know that it is your misconception. What works faster than opportunism, is performance. If you are one of those students who are aspiring to make an entrance into the corporate world then here are some things your business schools haven't taught you...


*Let your work do the talking:
The common belief among most of them is that they think they can get better position in the work force by playing their cards right. Some companies do heir people because they know them well. But most companies will hire you solely for your capability of giving something substantial to the company.
You should aim at mutual growth (of your's and the company's) . You must perform in such a way that your work must save the team time.

*Be picky:
Next thing to do after having performed well, would be to place yourself with those who matter. In most of the companies all of those in the higher positions will be needed to trigger your position. At other companies, 1 or 2 higher ups out of 10 do not account for. You must pick only those people with whom you can grow consistently.

*Choose the right thing:
Choose responsibility over prestige. Your responsibility holds the key for your promotions.

What you must and must not do in corporate world

*Revenue generation :
Your past will not matter. Once you have started working in business field you must start making money for the firm. This is what you are heired for after all!

*Attitude may not matter:
Once you are well versed at generating revenue for the firm no one will blame you even if you are the most arrogant person around. Because at the end of the day, its the revenue that is being generated that matters. If you are doing your bid right, then you lead yourself up!

*Do not mix things up:
Do not use your personal emails for the purpose of work. Ideal situation will have all the resumes sent from the email that has a connection opportunity. For instance, if you were the manager hiring people, you would prefer those resumes which are sent to you from the people you know rather than going straight ahead to a powerful resume given to you by the HR.

*Do not destroy the bridge:
Never spoil the old contacts that you have had before, you will never know who will be required for what purpose.

These were some of the things we had to tell you, you can share your views here: https://www.facebook.com/oneindiaeducation

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