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Complex future for students? Ways to prepare them to face it!

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Preparing students for a big unique future, largely rests on the shoulders of the teachers, parents and educators. Whatever exists today as knowledge may be counted as 'out-dated' for tomorrow's generation of champions. Still, how to shape today's kindergartners to face 22nd Century of life?

Before we get there, what are the key factors that enable students to apply what they know and to develop the ability to manage themselves?

Significant research from the past and convergence of thoughts do help us prepare the learners' minds to face a complex future.

In a broader sense, superlative importance must be given to areas such as effective oral and written communication, creativity and imagination, critical thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship, adaptability, problem solving capabilities, delivering value, building personal and professional integrity in the society.

Read on to observe certain ways of sharpening today's students to take on tomorrow's challenges.

Power of communication:
Communication brings clarity of thought and action. It straightens the process of what we think and act on a day to day basis. Written and oral communication instigates the power to learn and perform efficiently, in a learner. It is essential to inculcate the habit of being a proper communicator in a student.

Logical reasoning and interpretation:
Teach students to be reasonable in all their conversations and dealings with people and institutions around them. Students must be able to logically explain their point of view on things, with precision and accuracy. Aiming to arrive at the best answer may be situational.
Comparing ideas, analyzing evidences, drawing suitable and apt conclusions would fortify their interpretation skills.

Ability to manage:
The basic and most important thing a student should learn is to manage things. Be it managing the things learnt or managing the peers. When students are taught how to manage, they become more responsible, this is the key factor for success. Good leaders too are made this way.

Complex future for students? Ways to prepare them

Being responsible:
As mentioned success comes when one becomes responsible. Students must be taught how to take up responsibilities. This will enable them to make decisions according to the changing circumstances without being dependable. This teaches them to be independent.

To be creative:
Creativity is a stream that never stops flowing. The moment a person becomes creative, numerous opportunities open up. These opportunists are vital for survival as they lead students to keep growing their knowledge. The moment there is no creativity, life becomes stagnant with no positive results. Hence, the students have to be taught how to use their subconscious mind, which is the storage of innovations.

To think in a broad spectrum:
Limiting oneself can be a the worst thing to do. If students stick to thinking in box they will never be able to cope with the changing world. They must be taught to think in all aspects so that they will be able to decide what best can be done in a worst situation.

These are some of the ways to make a better future for the children. You can share your opinions or give more ways to make a better future for students here:

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