Bangalore based Coding Boot Camp to produce Ace Programmers

It's crowded out there. Tapping into dense talent bases to find relevant people is an enormous ordeal for employers.

With pressing demands to cater to inventive technology markets, software firms are adopting every technique to raise a niche talent community. A glaring obstacle is the dearth of well-trained programming graduates, with real world knowledge.

Students who are passionate about programming stand to lose in equal measures as they do not score opportunities to work on hard-core development projects, owing to the lack of fundamentals and real world training. Our current modes of training do not nurture programming craftsmanship.


A study suggests that 800,000+ Engineers graduate from technical colleges, every year. Only 3% of them are job ready. Graduates resort to online modules and short stints of technical training to enhance their skills.

Bangalore based Boot Camp to produce Ace Programer

Those who make it through to jobs, get a precise job/project based understanding of technology. In both cases, the lack of strong fundamentals remains unattended and their capacity to make extraordinary contribution is un-utilized.

The potential in our country's coding talent is vast. Programming prospective in the non-technical breadth is still untapped. With programme seeping into every area of development in the world, our students need opportunities to learn code and learn it right.

Not just for great careers but also as a medium of expression.

Ace Hacker is the first state-of-the-art immersive Programing Boot Camp in India that takes a structured approach to teach programming as a craft. The programme is Accelerated - as it is an in-depth dive into coding right from the basics to application in 12 weeks.

It is Intensive- requiring a great deal of participative commitment for 11 hours a day, 6 days a week for 12 weeks; It is Immersive- as it applies a project based route to soak students in program, using a fun and practical oriented approach.

The Hackers Hands-on Imperative is employed to engage students into coding right from day one.

Bangalore based Boot Camp to produce Ace Programer

The boot camp employs a stringent selection meter to assess passion to learn programming and logic. The course is split into 3 phases - Fundamentals, Project and Finishing.

A day at Ace Hacker is loaded with coding, research, competitive gaming, pranks, jigs and team camaraderie. It intends to teach programming like it should be, the Hacker's way.

If you would like to know how Ace Hacker can ring a difference in your life, visit Interested applicants can enroll in the programme by filling a short form on the website. If you can't wait to apply - write to or call +91-96-86-84-1804

Questions and Answers

How did Ace Hacker come around?

Vivek Shangari, the founder of Ace Hacker is the theorist of this endeavor. Vivek has founded and successfully steered two technology companies in the past. His products have won numerous customer accolades and industry awards, including the Apple Design Award.

Doesn't the word ‘Hacker' have a negative connotation?

Hacker is someone who enjoys exploring the details of computers and how to stretch their capabilities, as opposed to most users who prefer to learn the minimum necessary. ‘Hacker' is a term of respect, used among computer programmers, designers, and engineers.

A hacker is someone who creates original and ingenious programmes. Unfortunately, this term has been abused by the media to give a negative connotation - of someone who breaks into systems, destroys data, steals copyrighted software, and performs other destructive or illegal acts with computers and networks. The term that accurately defines this kind of person is Cracker.

Why is coding an essential skill?

Coding is a skill that can magnify and simply things for the better. The present and the future are suffused with the influence of programs.

It will seep and blend into every aspect and area of development in the world. To put it simply, we should learn programming not just for a career prospective but as a skill that will empower the world and its people.

Who will be eligible to enroll into the programme?

CS/ Non CS Engineers, students from any other streams like science, commerce or art; experienced professionals who would want to get back to the basics and learn it right; Entrepreneurs who would like to learn code to manifest their dreams, or anybody who has the passion for coding with essential requisites of logic qualify for the academy.

Where is the school located? Can the course be taken remotely?

The Boot Camp is located in Bangalore, India. We are working on creating a remote synchronous arrangement for students who cannot shift base, so that they may participate from their respective locations.

Our cohorts are solely a classroom training format as of now. We are trying to sign up with Hacker Houses near the boot camp to simplify search for accommodation and reduce travel time.

What does Ace Hacker do differently from Engineering Colleges?

Practice beats theory, hands down. Though theory is essential, it should not be treated as an alternative to practical learning. Students have to build real world projects and applications to develop a sense of comfort for programming.

It is concerning to see students with relevant degrees and good marks oblivious to the basic fundamentals of Programming.

We use techniques like the Hacker's Hands-on Imperative, Pair Programming, Competitive Programming and provide a conducive learning and working environment. Students/ professionals can participate in this program while they pursue their formal education/jobs as it only takes 12 weeks to ace the program.

Does the course assure a job placement?

We do not propagate a "100% job guaranteed" deal. We do commit to a complete learning experience and believe great careers are bound to follow.

We coach you to crack the coding interview, invite mentors from across the technical community, and create an exclusive portfolio for each trainee. The program is concluded with a demo week for students to showcase their products, fully functional prototypes and skills to Top Tier IT companies.

Our programmers become Full Stack developers who are endowed with the power to choose a programming path that they would want to pursue.

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