Children's Day Special: "Get inspired - Learn to LIVE, not survive!"

By Super

If you are one of those people who can't stop referring to your life as "the-boring-normal-life", then here is some stuff to fill up your mind. Take a few minutes to read about those who did not have a "normal" life and yet went ahead to make it extraordinary.


Helen Keller:

What if you became blind and deaf? That is scary! Helen was born normal until she had brain fever, after which she could no longer see or hear. Her childhood was dark, a reason enough to give up on life, but she did not. She fought with her disability to become the first specially-abled (deaf and blind) person to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree. She has lead her life as an author, lecturer and even a political promoter.

Ludwig van Beethoven:

You cannot say you follow music without knowing him! Symphonies of Beethoven can never be replaced. As fate could have had it's way, he suffered tinnitus (ringing of ears) and eventually turned deaf. But that was not the end of his music, he did compose great work despite his inability to hear.

Thomas Edison:

He threw light into the world in a manner most astounding! He suffered hearing disability due to Scarlett fever. However, that did not stop him from being one of the greatest inventors we know.

Stephen Hawking:

It won't be wrong to say that he is the most incredible physicist alive today! Diagnosed with motor neurone disease and bound to wheelchair, Hawking went on to contribute to the world with his valuable scientific discoveries.

Get inspired - Learn to LIVE, not survive!

Gabe Marsh:

How many of us can keep up the determination to control ourselves from eating a chocolate dough-nut? Not many. And Gabe Marsh is a boy with just one arm and no legs. What is special about him is that he is a classic swimmer! He had a massive determination in learning to swim despite his condition. Now that should have your determination level going up!

Agatha Christie:

If you love reading books, you ought to know her! The queen of mysteries! An author who created the famous Hercule Poirot (the detective, you cannot miss!) She suffered dysgraphia. She was unable to spell in the right manner and had a bad memory with numbers (and I cannot stop counting the number of books that she has written and the number of copies that were sold!)

Jules Verne:

He could not get himself to focus on things as he suffered ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,but that did not hold him back when he wrote the classic books like, Around the world in eighty days, A Journey to the Center of the Earth etc. A great deal of work.

Franklin D. Roosevelt:

He was the 32nd President of USA, but he did suffer Polio and that did not stop him from being the President we knew.

If these people have done extraordinary things out of life, so can you! So get inspired and stop complaining about the little challenges that life gives you. Take a cue from them who have had the whole life as a challenge! Set a goal and be determined like them to accomplish it! Mentioned here are only a few of them to get the "inspiration-blanket" to envelop you. So, don't just survive! Live your life to the fullest!

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