Facts That Non-Teachers Don't Understand About Teachers' Profession!

By Anil Paul

The word teacher doesn't seem quite enough to fit a non-teacher's 'professional bill'. Most of us think they only teach, teach and teach and do nothing more or less than that. If you ever learn about what they do otherwise as a teacher, you may probably end up calling it as a 'heavily wholesome job'.

Read further to learn about some facts that non-teachers usually don't get to know about teachers.


Teacher Is Just A Title.

Though the title is intact, teachers do many other things which is known less. Supposedly, they plough other seeds into the field of education as well. They invest their efforts, time and energy into various other roles in an educational institution. 'Preparedness' is assumingly the tag stuck to every teacher, without a choice.

On any given day, they're obliged to perform different duties, by caring minimum on 'the type of job' as such.

Apparently, teachers play roles which influences the students directly or indirectly; like counsellors, literally being alternate parents to students, psychologists, social workers, secretaries, nurse, guide, friend, mentor, observer, disciplinarian, entertainer and so on; within the confinement of an educational environment.

As opposed to a corporate setting, a teacher can never say, "That's not my job" or "It's not mentioned in my job description". The job calls for mental preparedness, to be ready for anything that comes their way.

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Everything Matters Much.

A teacher's job is all-time on a serious note. Their role can either break or make students' lives. This fact is very sensitive, critical and true to the extent of keeping your fingers crossed, most of the time. Every move of the teacher will be closely observed, watched and monitored within the walls of a classroom, in an educational set up, or even in the society.

In education, teacher may not have all solutions to all problems that a student might face, for sure. Even then, their job is a solemn one.

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Taking uncertain risks and dealing with some real-time instances like: a child lost on a field trip; handling students addicted to self-abusive habits; dealing with young girls who are unable to open up about facing sexual harassment at home/school; or being judges in between students who keep fighting forever; and other crazy matters that can turn out to be inevitable.

On the contrary, in any other corporate environment, there could be errors in the documents/graphs/content, which can be rectifiable or reworked on. But, not in education.

A Teacher's Journey

Onerous Role.

The duty of a teacher can be extremely challenging. Their role can drain them out physically, mentally, and emotionally at times. Pressure can be really strenuous. With a taxing schedule at class, fetching time for stress buster activities seems like a far sighted question.

Due to unbearable stress and anxieties, some of them lead emotionally imbalanced lifestyles.

In a wider study, it has been researched about teachers facing various health problems, due to their profession. From having to stand all day long in the class and succumbing to knee pain, back aches etc; to avoiding bathroom breaks causing urinary and colon related problems in them; to throat infections/issues due to fluctuating volume levels of lecturing and sometimes screaming in class, and so on.

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There are many issues about teacher's profession that only teachers can understand and deal with, but not the non-teachers though.

Work Inflexibility.

To any teacher, factors like flexibility and compatibility level at work remains to be a big question still. Being absent for few hours or a day, is absolutely uncalled for. Whereas in any other work place, taking sick leave when you're unexpectedly sick on a given day, could be workable. But, such a privilege isn't conferred to classroom teachers. He/she cannot truly afford to miss classes, without prior notice. It is intensely difficult for them to be absent at work. It would have an adverse effect at school or college, in terms of class schedule and students' expectations.

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On the other hand, the substitute teacher may not be able to deliver much, without preparation in lesser time on the related subjects, replacing the deceased teacher. Quite sadly, the hardest and most common thing teachers(who are ill) would do in this case, is to pull themselves up to work, finish their own tasks with much forbearance, and then come back home and attend to themselves.

Teachers strive to run the race, amidst the odds, which is inexplicably admirable.

Conflict between Class Work and Home Work.

On a normal working day, school hours may last between 6 and 8 hours. And after that, when they're back home, they normally stay up late to attend and finish all the house chores. Just imagine after a hard day's work at school, they're further obliged into family and personal commitments / responsibilities, which is as equal or may be more valuable than the others perhaps.

Most often than not, it gets really down on them. In addition, they've got to prepare for future lessons and spend time in grading papers. They may have to answer calls from parents for any urgent issues and genuine reasons, during their 'private' times even.

Teacher's role is usually a dilemma, if it is not managed properly. Non-teachers may not be able to fully comprehend the tension, except for teachers themselves.

These are some facts that non-teachers may not be able to understand or oblige with the teachers' profession. Nonetheless, it is compassionately advisable to not despise or ridicule the teachers and their respected profession, by any means.

By being kind-hearted and caring with understanding, you're actually showering a great deal of comfort and confidence into them. Thereby uplifting their contribution to the world of education.

Let us owe the best of regards and wishes to all teachers in the world. Salutation to them!

If you've got more relevant points to share, in order to educate the non-teaching professionals, you are free to do so.

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