Are EXAMS the only way to test Students?

Why test Students only with EXAMS?
Do you think Exams are the only way to test/examine students? In today's fast going life it is mostly found that the Results of an examination play a highly important role in a student's life. It is considered to the first sign of brightness to ones future. But, why is it so? Does it mean that students scoring fewer marks or average percentage a succeed in their future?


Well, read the following to know if exams are highly relevant, what are the impacts and how exams affect students life/ future.

In general, Exams are said to be the means of monitoring and scaling the academic performance of students. But still, students FEAR when they are to give their examinations. Some times Exams are a fear of positive feelings and some times it is the stress/tension in a student.

According to the discussions held on the topic 'If exams are necessary', it is found that It is not always correct in rating the performance of students with the arks or grade. Moreover, it is not fair to assess a student only on the basis of what a student writes in the examination.

According to experts, it is highly important that the competition should be in the right spirit. The parents, as well as the teachers should not burden the child with it.

In a school level, conducting exams makes the teacher know what the student has learned and not. So that the teacher can help them learn and update the lesson. Also, the teacher can find new ways on how to teach more student friendly.

Many students these days are concerned about the amount of time spent on exam preparation and all stress that is suffered. As a result, many educational institutions are adopting progress assessments. Perhaps, another option, however, should be for educational institutions to abolish examinations.

Few studies say that stress and anxiety are very common in youth nowadays as a consequence of exam preparation and professor's pressure towards students. All that leads to illness and the quality of student's life decreases. It is well known that a large number of students become frustrated when they fail an examination which was probably prepared in the whole year time.

Exams also test students Memory. Sometimes it is a sad fact that knowledge required to pass the exam is theoretical and sometimes useless. They are tough to think in the wrong way because we are surrounded by open ended problems in real life.

However, it is of concern to point out that the idea of abolishing EXAMS once and for all it not good. Exams are just a way of testing intellectual knowledge.

Experts say that, it would seem that exams have an important benefit. Yet, we have to consider the points raised, and educational institutions should select their evaluations in a balanced way between exams, assessments, modules and others.

Assessments have to be done when a topic or part of the syllabi is already finished so that the teacher/educator can have a better feedback of the classes, and module system is valuable in order to make students study up to a certain part of the course and be able to do the next if they pass the previous one.

What is your opinion about the same? Do you feel EXAMS are necessary or Not? Share your views with us.

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