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What Makes a Good Leader: Students Speak Up at Indus Leadership Summit

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Students Speak- Indus Leadership Summit
Hyderabad, India, April 22, 2013: It was a day of inspiration and aspirations at Indus International World School ILEAD campus today. Primary Years students Azar Khan, Ritika Jeloka and Avinash Boddu of the school gave thought provoking speech on leadership. They were talking at the Indus version of TED is ILED, which stands for Indus Leadership day in the campus on Friday to a packed row of business Leaders, Teachers and Parents.

Earlier to that, The Principal, Teachers, Students and Gen Arjun Ray, CEO of Indus International School were at Government School, Kondakal Village, where Indus International School have created the Remote Learning Center for the Government school students, the main motive behind the program is to provide a helping hand to improve the quality education for all the students in rural areas around IISH (Indus International School-Hyderabad). Facilitating the students to complete their home-work and also revising concepts in Science and Mathematics and improve their English. RLC Facilitators are graduates who belong to the community and are appointed by IISH, this ensures that educated youth are provided with job opportunity and elevate economic status

Speaking on the occasion Gen Ray, CEO of Indus International School said a focus on collaboration and learning leadership skills are extremely important for the growth of children in the future. "We all need to learn from each other," Gen Ray emphasized his thoughts on how leadership is nurtured in Indus schools across the country. He also stated he is very eager to set up many more Remote Learning Centre in Hyderabad.

Grade XI student went a notch higher speaking about the importance of Social Networking in Leadership development. In their talk they cited the example in 2010 during the Haiti earthquake, how people used Facebook to relay information about details and missing persons testifies this.

While Azhar Khan, grade 4 student talked about importance of creating safe environments, Ritika, grade 5 student shared her insights on how leadership development program at the school made her perspective sharper, even more focused. It was a day all about leadership what we think guides how we view the world, including how students view challenges as well as Developing and maintaining mind-sets that help students maintain their equilibrium.

The young students Archana, Karan, Raghav, Chiru and Rahul said it has got both positive and negative effects. Whether social networking sites are really beneficial to our way of life or not, -the topic is debatable. However, these students stated a proper utilization of the magical power of social network- communication has proved social network can play a positive role in community building and development.
Bias about anything or anybody is usually derogatory in nature rather than complimentary. In today's world we are conscious and alert about discrimination based on gender and color. But have you thought about distinction made on the basis of age? Well that is what Varun Muppidi of grade 7 urge people to think about.  He said, In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.

CEO, Lt Gen Arjun Ray talked in length about the ‘PEACE PROJECT': an initiative undertaken by the students of Grade 8 to counter the evil of ‘Bullying' and reform the mindsets of both the perpetrators, as well as the victims of ‘BULLYING'. The students in the school mentioned the implementation of this initiative was truly a learning experience as it actually made us understand the core values of Indus - Love, Empathy, Respect and Discipline and guide us towards becoming true leaders of tomorrow.
In the concluding session of the program today was a Panel Discussion: Leading through chaos and uncertainty. The discussion was - Turbulent Times: Don't you think, this is the real test of a true leader?

The discussion cited many instances where the most successful leaders in times of chaos havea special tenacity to keep pushing ahead with their strategy - no matter what and a philosophical orientation that says "we are in total control of our density.

Too often in times of turbulence, the temptation is to ‘batten down the hatches' and seek safety by focusing on what can be controlled. Typically that means turning inward and acting ‘defensively' to avoid damage and minimize risk. Caution and prudence, like most other leadership behaviours, are useful only in conjunction with the exercise of good judgement.

Among the interesting views were about how in successful circumstances leaders need to remember that not all risks are bad, not all opportunities for growth disappear, and a broad, externally- focused perspective is more important than ever.

The panel discussion titled "Leading through Chaos and Uncertainty" - included panellists from Grade 11 Karan, Suchita, Rohith and Prajim, it was moderated by Ms Imbisath.

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