10 Best Ideas For Children On April Fool's Day

Ideas For Children On April Fool's Day
1st of April in other words, is also referred to April Fools' Day. Although this day is not a legal holiday, but it is still celebrated as a day where people are allowed to tolerate practical jokes and foolishness.

Perhaps Children will be very excited and start planning on what to do and how to prank others when April Fools' Day is around the corner.


It's finally April 1 today. The most awaited day of laughter, which comes once in a year. Well, here are the top 10 best and simple ideas for children to carry out on this April Fools Day!!

1. Get a balloon and put it on the tailpipe of a truck, ferrari, etc. (Make sure the car isn't already on!) Then get in it and have your parents start it up and it will pop. It will sound like the tire popped.

2. Scrape the cream out of oreo cookies and fill them with white toothpaste!.

3. The old sticker-on-the-back routine of the 'Kick Me' variety is not big and it certainly isn't clever - but it's still funny.

4. Grab a bunch of alarm clocks, set them to alarm at very early times in the morning and hide them all around different places at your victims room!

5. Go with a couple of friends, stand near some busy street corner - stare and point up at the sky. Watch the reactions of people around you!

6. If your teacher is a BIG chocolate fan, get a chocolate bar and tie some fishing wire and tie it around the bar, but make sure she isn't in the room, then when she reaches for the bar, pull it before she grabs it!

7. Here's another prank you can do at breakfast. Open up all the boxes of cereal and pull the bags with the cereal in them out of the boxes. Put each bag in a wrong cereal box. When your family members go to pour their cereal they will get the wrong kind!

8. Turn all the clocks and watches forward one hour. Your 'rents will get up an hour earlier to get ready for work as you snooze for that extra hour.

9. Find all the balls in your house, even small plastic ones like ping pong balls, and place them in the kitchen cupboards. Whoever goes to open the cupboards will get a shower of balls!

10. You can only pull this prank if ur sink has a spray faucet that works when u push the button. Tie a rubber band around the button of the sprayer and when someone pulls the handle to get water out of the tap (normal faucet) they will get sprayed in the face cause the button was already being pushed on the faucet

Do you know any great April Fool's pranks & practical jokes? Had any played on you or got anybody really good? Please share your views with us...

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