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Raise & Fall Of Engineers! The Quantity & Quality!

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The Quantity & Quality Of Engineers
Can Quantity be equivalent to Quality? The National Employability Report (NER) 2011 reports this in an astound manner. India churns about 5 lakh engineering graduates each year, but still the percentage of employable engineering graduates is simple of 17%. The face of our intellectual capital is on which the country's Socio-economic growth depends upon. So, who shall be blamed now? The outdated education system or the Students?

It is not an unknown fact that Engineering is the most popular stream in India. Is it the rigid mindset of we Indians or the lack of awareness, that leads to the serving of engineering as the only option on the platter, to the students?The engineering business thrives on this very market of eager to-be-engineers. Once, the seat is secured more rote and zero practical knowledge follows. The only thing that matters is the whole process of graduating seems to be those 10 extra marks that can get one through yet another year of the Engineering duel.

What do you think is the reason behind this? Is it among the teachers, for this lack of motivation to make that extra effort? Or Is it the low salaries or the trend of looking upon the once esteemed position of a lecturer, a teacher, a mentor as the last resort? When the turn is of students, What makes them to see a difference? Lost in the tasteless jargon’s, they need to fill their answer sheets with or the inability to fight the system?

These graduates never been challenged with critical thinking and the requirement for comprehension, during their entire education life, they fail to make it to the employed list. In a falling short of communicating their thoughts, they are the one among many graduates who are termed incompetent.

When exactly are we going to focus on the real education? The education which needs understanding, and not cramming. The education, which is going to provide hands on experience and not just a degree certificate in the hands. The education which is going to shape the future of the country and not drive it into economics crisis.

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