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Can Uneducated Populace Make A Country Successful?

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The Country And Uneducated Populace
RTE – Right To Education is a landmark judgement in the direction of providing basic education to government school children. With such a vast majority of children yet to be educated, what are the bottlenecks that you perceive in the implementation of the act.

Challenges are invitable in the execution of a vast programme such as the RTE. Many Government schools have limited classrooms, desks and benches which is the minimum required infrastructure. Teachers are inadequate and recruiting good quality teachers who are willing to teach is a problem. It is most important to keep the children in schools until high school and thereafter offer them vocational training depending on their talent.

Why do you think the government has reduced the allocation towards education in the last decade? The GDP of the country has been on the rise and so has the budget, so even a lower percentage would be a higher sum of money, so there is more money going into education. It is a fact that we cant confirm the accuracy of the figures but we should maintain the same percentage, so that when the economy goes up, the amount of money available for education also goes up. The percentage

However, government of education has ensures the success of Aakash Tablet programme. How do you think its possible when many of the villages do not have adequate electricity supply? Infrastructure is a problem which also includes electricity supply, but efforts are being made to bring the gap between ambition and execution . The Aakash tablet is no doubt an excellent programme and it should not be curtailed for the lack of certain facilities. The balance of progress and remedy to challenges should go hand in hand.

Impact of Social Networking Sites on students - Is it a good trend among children to be exposed to social networking sites, where filtration of content cannot be guaranteed? There is abundant learning and general awareness content that is available on these sites. There are many-a-forum where constructive debates and discussions on complex issues, can prove to be a great understanding for students and children. An import of matter that may be suitable for children, at least not in their formative years of learning, in such a case, the parents can play a role in monitoring what their children view on such websites.

On all these basis it is a strongly believed concept that 'No country can become successful on the back of an uneducated populace'.

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