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Do You Think Exam Season Is Time For Sickness Too?

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Exam Time Or Sickness Time, What Say?
The season of exams is right there. Students are now busy preparing for their exams. Its almost a pressure when they are preparing themselves for a better result , but what if parents too put pressure on a student?? Here is what a study made by Indian Medical Academy has revealed about the pressure in students for their exams. The exam times are almost spent as sleepless nights, troubled thoughts, loss of appetite, rapid pulse, trembling hands which are all the signs of exam fear.

The study was conducted last month on almost 125 students which reveal that 69% of students in Bangalore, and 86% in Chennai, have fallen sick just before or during their Examinations. It happens because of lack of enough rest, junk food and poor hygiene. While it is 30% students of Bangalore children fallen sick on multiple occasion, in Chennai it is 45%.

A pediatrician, Dr. Yashoda Devi says that “Students mostly complain of stomach ache, head ache and fever. Due to the lakh of a nutritious diet, children are likely to contract chicken pox during exam times. Malingering ie.. pretending to be sick, is another common thing that is noticed. A chief dietitian and consultant from Indian Medical Academy, Anuja Agarwal says “Children are sleeping less, eating junk food and ignoring hygiene”. The doctor's say, As the exam time starts, its crucial for students to eat nutritious food and get enough rest.

The study report confess the following details :
Only 30% students of Bangalore children get adequate sleep during examinations.
94% of students avoid either bathing or wishing hands before meals.
81% children eat junk food to save time for studies.
Overall Chennai figures for 26%, 78% and 73% respectively.

A other dietitian Dr.Archana Nazre from BGS Hospital said “Its important for children to learn time management. The problem begins with last-minute preparations. Adequate sleep and nutritious food are the key. Stress is the biggest culprit. It gives students sleepless nights, making them feel sick”. “Over-Expectation from parents and peer pressure, as well as irregular studies during the year, make students stressed. Hence to cope up with the exam pressure, students start skipping sleep gradually. They don't focus on eating healthy. This combination of bad habits is enough to spoil their health”, said consultant psychiatrist at Manipal Hospital, Dr. Bhupinder Choudhry.

Unfortunately, the negative influence of this phenomenon on the student's body and their psychology is underestimated now-a-days. The social polls demonstrate that students perceive the exams as a “Duel of questions and answers”, “Severe torture” and as “Intellectual and Emotional overload”.

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