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India Should Lead Higher In 'Science' - Students

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'Science' Should Still Improve In India
The number of Indian Scientists may be on the low side, but 82 percent of Indian students believe that it is very important for the country to lead the world in Science. A multi-country survey to understand the response to science, both on the academic front as well as fro adventure, conducted by Lenovo, revealed that most of the students in emerging nations such as India are prioritizing and pursuing science-related careers and aspired to become scientists than their counterparts in developed countries, which include the USA, UK and Japan.

The research sources say that around 89% of students in developing countries felt that Science was cool. The Director of Marketing for the firm in India said “The results are eye-opening in calling attention to the differences in how students around the world view science as a career aspiration”. Almost 73 percent of the students surveyed overall felt this factor influenced their career choice, 65% stated that it motivated them to pursue science. But in India, this belief factored into the decisions of more than 80% of students.

Though India was one of two countries where 74% of students said that they thought science is more important than literature or the creative arts. And 62% of Indian students said they preferred a trip to the moon over any place on Earth.

As per the discovery the fact about science is as follows :

  • 82% Indians believe it is very important for the country to lead the world in science.
  • 55% of Britons believed that it was important to lead globally in science.
  • 62% students in India preferred a trip to the moon over place on Earth.
  • 80% of students want to pursue science influenced by the lack of scientists in India.
  • 62% of students in India plan to pursue science or a related career.

The Impact of Science on society : Though modern science is of relatively recent origin, having started with Galileo about 350 years ago, it has made very rapid progress and completely transformed outwardly the manner of our living. It is said that our life outwardly has changed more in the last one hundred years than it did in thousands of years earlier, because of the scientific knowledge accumulated over the last three centuries, and its application in the form of technology.

So the impact of science on society is very visible; progress in agriculture, medicine and health care, telecommunications, transportation, computerization and so on, is part of our daily living. In spite of all this progress, the consequent development of technology and industry, and the conveniences, comforts and power we have got through this knowledge, in no part of the world are human beings happy, at peace with themselves, living without violence.

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