10 things we need to remove from Indian education system

By Anusha

The common things a school going student thinks would include, "When is the next holiday?", "Why do we have so many subjects?", "How can I complete all of my homework given for each subject we studied today?!", "I wish the teacher is on leave", "When will the bell ring?!" and so on... When it comes to college students they might have thoughts like, "This college is too expensive", "Perhaps I cannot afford to study this course", "What if I don't get a job with this certificate that is offered by the college?" etc... What can be done to make them feel better? Are there things that need to be changed? Would that have a positive effect on students? Let us find out...


1) Silence the "Ring-ring":
The bells that decide between what time to what time a student must study, must be removed. Many a times, there will be some interesting topics that the students would have loved being taught. A bell ringing to indicate them to stop learning that topic for the moment is of course, a disturbance in crude form.

2) Ban the sticks and canes:
They are children after all! They need not be hurt physically to make them grow into "good" adults. Not everyone of us who has ever been beaten black and blue in the class has turned into a significant role-model! There are other ways of conveying good things to them.

3) Stop the cartload of homework:
Practically speaking, we see that a child spends 7-8 hrs at school (including the travel time), if that much time is required for a child to learn everything taught for the day, would it not require the same amount or an amount of time closer to it, to finish up all the homework given for all the subjects the child had for the day? A sensible homework like learning a topic or so would do, rather than asking students to re-write the whole thing they were taught in the class!

4) End the punishments and humiliations:
Some children learn it the hard way. They require extra support from their parents and teachers. Give that to them, instead of making them sit like a hen in the class, or making them kneel down for the entire period or shouting on their faces to get out of the classroom. It will humiliate them. It will have adverse effect on their minds.

5) Stop hiring teachers who hate children:
Often times, we see some teachers who are good at what they teach, but they seem to hate children, or it appears thus! They cannot be approached easily, children fear them to the core, they never appreciate things the children do in the class, they always criticize the students etc. It does not matter how excellent they might have been with teaching, if a child cannot openly approach the teacher to clear a doubt, then its no use hiring them!

10 things we need to remove from Indian education

6) Having one class monitor for the whole year:
Stop the favoritism! Some children in class are undoubtedly "stars", but it doesn't mean they must be given all the priority always. Perhaps, this could make them overconfident about themselves in the long run. Perhaps, there are students who might want to be in their shoes, just providing an equal opportunity to all would ensure each one of them to bring on their best side.

7) Abolishing that "boys" and "girls" difference:
It's a common issue at schools, where children suddenly develop this differences among themselves. On top of that, some schools strictly do not allow boys and girls to sit together, a boy and a girl speaking to each other is seen in a very different manner, in some cases, the students are warned not to do so! This is insane! In doing these, an idea that a relationship that does not come under "friendship" is what is being planted in the children's mind! Stop doing this and let them be friends. It is not a crime. If you see things blue, it doesn't really mean the things are actually blue!

8) Stop shying away from gender education:
What's with the hush-hush? It is an education after all! The students have to know about the right things so that they will not learn things in a wrong manner. If these things are taught a good manner, the students will learn it the right way.

9) Put a hold on demands for unimaginable donations:
Some schools and colleges demand a huge sum as donations! Education department must necessarily create a threshold for such donations so that those hailing from poor family backgrounds too can dream of being educated.

10) Recognise the fake organisations for real:
Running a school or a college these days has become a grand and dependable source of income. In every known and unknown locality one can find a school or a college offering educations with boards bearing "affiliated to xyz university", "recognised by the government of xyz", which are absolutely fake! What would happen to the students who think they have got the right education certificate from these institutions and are rejected? Can they spend their years again studying? This is a serious issue, the Indian education system must wake up literally to close these institutions.

If these things are considered, education might just be available to each and everyone who wants to study. And abolishing the above mentioned issues would defiantly have children loving the process of learning!

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