World Animal Day: Career Options for Animal Lovers

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The question that has been asked a million times, and will be continued to be asked, 'Cats or Dogs?' has defined the extensive love for animals, that we the humans have been carrying for over thousands of years. As beings of the same the planet, we have seen multiple examples of how humans and animals from various species bond.

The Instagram pictures of people cuddling with lions, to cat videos, to Facebook pages that feature only memes that are related to dogs. The social media is a mirror to the world, and we can clearly see our love for animals.

What is World Animal day? 

October 4, is celebrated as World Animal Day. The main goal of such a day is to raise awareness and the status of the animals so that their living standards around the world are improved.

The aim is to make sure that maximum of the people know that other animals are sentient beings as well and that we can't come down to animal cruelty in any form, just for our own advantage and pleasure.

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World Animal Day: Career Options for Animal Lovers

We just have to look at ourselves to understand why it is important to provide the animals with care. The number of house sparrows, crows, and pigeons, which used to be very high in number has come down in just one decade.

Many animals especially the ones in wild are subjugated to torture and poaching even in reserves and sanctuaries. There are many movements that have taken up form in the past few decades which focus on the well-being of animals of all kinds. There are people, who care about life, which is the idea of being human.

These men and women don't just protest and march. Their activism has spread into their everyday lives and they turned their career options in and around the lives of animals.

Let's have a look at the various career options that an animal lover can take up in today's world.


A veterinarian is a doctor of veterinary medicine and takes care of animals' health. It is one of the most high-profile career options related to animals. They are licensed professionals who diagnose and treat animals, which can be domesticated pets, livestock or animals in the wild.

What would you be doing?

Like mentioned before, a vet would be diagnosing and treating animals. They will be conducting pet tests, surgeries and post-surgery follow-ups. They can practice in a clinic or can travel to visit their patients.

Education and Qualification

After the class 12 examinations in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, the aspirant will have to take up a Bachelors course in Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry course. The admissions will be done based on the marks obtained through specific entrance exams. The aspirant can also continue their Master's Degree in the course.

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Dairy Nutritionist

A Dairy Nutritionist is a person who is involved with the development of the feeding programs for the dairy cattle and observes the conditions of the cattle so that the final goal is achieved.

The nutritionists who are involved in the dairy industry focus on the management of diets for the herds. Their focus is on accelerating the production while making sure that the cattle are safe.

What would you be doing?

As a Dairy Nutritionist, you will be coming up with new diets, testing the sample of the new diets and selective various cost-effective ingredients to make these samples. The duties also involve writing the reports and marketing the products to the manufacturers and presenting the product to the customers.

Education and Qualification

To become a Dairy Nutritionist, one must take up Masters or a Doctoral Degree in the Dairy Science or a subject which is closely related. The Bachelor's program must be in the area of zoology. The aspirant needs to put in a lot of time and effort around dairy cattle to enhance their knowledge about the cattle.

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An ornithologist is a scientist who is specialized in the study of birds. An ornithologist is not just related academics and research but is also involved with private industries like poultry farming. They study the various behaviors of the aviary and understand the specifics of the bird life.

What would you be doing?

In terms of academics, you will be providing students with lectures and conduct lab work and research. You will be looking after the research by graduate students and help in writing a thesis.

Ornithology also includes tapping the birds, using the GPS systems to track them and study migration. These research can be for commercial or governmental use.

Education and Qualification

The aspirants who are looking forward to a career in Ornithology must have passed Class 12 boards with Biology stream and must have a Bachelors degree in Zoology. They must go ahead to take up Masters and doctoral study in Ornithology.

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Ichthyologists are biologists who specialize in the study of fish, sharks, and rays. They help in identifying the fish and observe the behavior of the being. Their work can be focused on education, research or in the field of management.

What would you be doing?

Ichthyologists conduct research and analyze the data while writing and publishing papers. They focus on observing fish, sharks, and rays and focus on studying the water quality. Ichthyologists will have to travel from place to place to observe various species, collect specimens and study the different environments.

Education and Qualifications

To become an Ichthyologist you ill need to finish their bachelors in Zoology or in Marine Biology. You will have to take up Masters degree in a specific area of ichthyology. You will be required to be trained in areas like Chemistry, anatomy, Physiology, Statistics, Computers, and Communications to have a successful career. You will need ample amount of experience with the marine life.

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Animal Cruelty Investigator

An Animal Cruelty Investigator focuses on the investigation of the reports of animal cruelty and helps in making stringent laws with respect to crimes that that are acted on the animals. It isn't new to hear or see a video online of how humans can be cruel to animals, either just for the sake of it or for experiments. Rabbits, Dogs, Monkeys and many other animals face cruelty on daily basis.

What would you be doing?

As an Animal Cruelty Investigator, you will be investigating the accusations that are made in terms of animal cruelty. You will be looking up cases like animal neglect and abandonment by owners and abuse on a daily basis. You will be writing reports and documenting. If the accusations turn out to be true, and you have evidence, you can rescue the animals and make sure the accused is arrested.

Education and Qualification

To become an Animal Cruelty Investigator, one will have to take up a course in criminology or animal science. The aspirant must have a basic police officer certification. Experience of working as a veterinarian, animal control officer and dog trainer will always come in handy.

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Your love for animals can turn into a profession. Just keep your eyes open for any opportunity and don't ever stop being compassionate to them!


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