Wave of 'Future Learning' and 'Digital Education'

By Anil Paul

Looking ahead, learning and education would take several forms to present knowledge and information in various ways. This would become applicable to students, teachers, educators and even working professionals. With emerging international universities and outstanding cultural institutions around the globe, it is quite certain for all learners to imbibe wide spectrum of advanced learning platforms.

Wave of Future Learning & Digital Edu'n


Most importantly, high quality learning would be self-directed or self-organised, in order to match the learner's purposes or requirements. Future learning materials and resources would be tailored specifically to the learner's short-term and long-term needs and situational benefits. Lets look at some discoveries of future ways of learning.

* Varied Learning System

We currently have a system that follows "child adapts to school" format of learning. But we are about to witness a time where education adapts to child's way of learning. This is where the whole structure of learning would witness a drastic educational shift. There would be diverse options for a child to choose, depending on his/her need and interest. A learner can choose his/her particular time and place to study and educate self.

* Emergence of digital education

Making life digital can bring in digital education as a part of the package. There are many existing online education companies and networks in the world. Digital curriculum coupled with educational videos and other resources would be the norms. Interactive assessments, simulations and animations would motivate and help illustrate concepts to the learners. Constant digital innovation would help people to fix challenges on their own and so deriving solutions which are responsively applicable.

* Adopting new ways to learn

Content hubs would help connect with learners, learning platforms and learning resources; thereby creating a wide spread opportunity to learn digitally and to educate yourself. Learning pattern and education will not be restricted to a place or time in the future. A learner will be able to adapt to new ways of learning, where ever he/she is. Through virtual learning environment, a learner can own his/her ways of learning subjects. One can personalise the course and knowledge as per the requirement. The approach to learn would be tailored to each learner, irrespective of the stream.

* No structurised study as such

Since every learning process will be digitalised in the future, classroom study would gradually be declined. Digital interactive classroom would be active instead. One need not have to attend regular, residential classes in schools or colleges. Ready made education system will serve knowledge wherever the students are. Online video and audio files would be the most easiest and effective tools to learn at a faster pace. Individual productivity in learning and performing, would be at an all time high. Every learning material will be mobilised to every learner.

* Work and Study module

People would prefer more of 'work n study' module in the future. Personalised and adaptive learning environment is on a rise. Any learner would be able to study and work at the same time, at any place of option. Age and time would never be an obstacle. Any person can study and work simultaneously; adding to growth in knowledge along with practical experience. Learners would be able to master and demonstrate what they learn at work places, with certificates and credentials to certify them in their choice subjects.

Furthermore, some steps to digitise education in the current scenario could be - providing laptops to high school students and college students; support increase in the knowledge of information and communication technology for students and teachers; enabling parents to take part in their child's learning process through online learning; develop quality digital tools, resources and infrastructure to help support the curriculum.

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