The brain reaction inside the examination hall

As the life passes by and we start working in a corporate world, we realise that there were exams in which we appeared and did all the hard work but they have nothing to do with our career. There were exams which got us totally blank and some of the answers we came up with during the exam seems to have no relation with the questions asked.


As soon as students enter the examination hall, they start wondering around and the whole world start flashing in front of them. It is nothing, but the sheer nervousness and pressure, even before they get the question papers they start looking for answers, and that pressure keeps mounting up as the time pass by.

Few students hold back after the exam to discuss the question paper, while other students like Chintamani (a fictitious character), walk away, as they don't want to discuss it because they are living more on the hope rather than accuracy.

Let us talk about Chintamani (a fictitious character), he recently appeared in a Mass Communication examination which is not in any way related to what he would become in the future. Chintamani is a person who is surrounded by tensions, but he has his humorous behavior which always pull him to the relaxing point.

However, Chintamani finally enters the examination hall and here are the few following questions which he came across in the exam and he answers them according to his perfection. Though his brain and his answers doesn't compliment each other, he tried hard to prove his point. The answers may not be real.

Combination of brain and examination

Q1. What are the different types of media? Explain.

Chintamani's Brain: Oh, my media mia! I'm flat bank, Don't even know a single answer out of these..God, Please help me pass time!

His answer: There is social media, electronic media and print media.

Social media like facebook, is the only kind of jail house where you can write on yours and your friend's wall and other people take it as a smart gesture.

Electronic media like television news, where the news reader greets you 'Good Morning' and then will bombard you with shocking and horrifying news, to tell you indirectly 'why your morning is not good'.

Print media like news paper, which gives you pictures and statements of rich people on the page 3 news. If your snap or statement doesn't appear in the paper, it proves that you still come under the poverty line, which also means that you have got to just grab your bag and go to work.

Q2. Define mass communication and how it proved a firm pillar in country's development.

Chintamani's Brain: mass communication.... mass communication... mass communication..hell! Gosh! Looks like these question setters have a dearth of questions, outside the theme.

His answer: Mass Communication, as words say it is a form of communication. This type of communication deals with the masses, like politicians giving speech, terrorist threatening people of the country by releasing video tapes. It has certainly boomed the development of the country as it has highlighted many scams, frauds etc. which were kept under the curtains earlier. Certainly, it has proved that India is no longer poor or developing country as we have scams of Rs 900 crore to more than one lakh crore . Mass Communication has made this country from 'Rags to Riches'.

Q3. What is Sports journalism? Write the points which sports journalist need to keep in mind while covering the sports event?

Chintamani's Brain: Hell! Now from where did this come from, what I saw last night was India Vs Australia cricket match. Damn! stupid Symonds he thought Harbhajan called him 'monkey', when what he meant was 'Teri m## ki'. Aussies Dhakkans, don't even know the difference between profanity and racist comment.

His answer: In India Cricket is people's religion and Sachin is their God. Other sports doesn't have name, fame and money, since these three aspects are missing journalists, they don't need to bang their heads with other sports. Covering of cricket matches can be divided in two segments- Before Sachin (BS) and After Sachin (AS). Before Sachin is a history, so it is already available and easily accessible from anywhere. After Sachin is yet to come as he took retirement few days back. So, sports journalists working in reputed organisations and media houses can relax and go on for a vacation as people are least interested in their stories.

Q4. Discuss the current Political scenario of the country?

Chintamani's Brain: I got to pee. Can someone please direct me to washroom.

His answer: Recently released two movies 'Singh Sahab The Great' and 'Gori Tere Pyaar Main' sums up the current political scene of the country.

Center Government is run by the congress, headed by the Prime Minister and President of Congress Sonia Gandhi both of them hardly know the National Language of the country (Hindi). Then there is opposition called BJP, headed by Modi run by confused people.

Q5. How to report from crime scene?

Chintamani's Brain: Crime Scene! My foot. I just want to walk out of this hall. These won't let me out before time!

His answer: How stupid! It's better to run away from the crime scene rather than reporting from the crime scene.

Q6. Write a movie review of the last movie you saw.

Chintamani's Brain: Forget about movie and review relation. I am just concerned about my relation, I just wonder what Sia thinks about me? I so like her. She has always been a part of my dreams. Damn! I will propose her right after this confusing and irritating exam gets over. She has to accept it or else I will propose to her sister.

His answer: Last movie I saw was '3 idiots', and that movie says 'be what you want to, not what others want you to' and people started following the trend set by the movie. My only question is R. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi both 37 plus and Aamir khan 45 plus, three of them were still studying in college and they are telling us how to choose our career? How lame!

Q7. How to cover news articles for beats like Education, Government offices and Medical?

Chintamani's Brain: For me all three are similar to what Harbhajan said to Andrew Symonds.

His answer: Simple, you require three things to cover these beats: note pad, pen and camera.

Chintamani's level of frustration had reached till top when he finished all the questions, which provoked him to add few more points to show his irritation to the examiner. He further wrote-

Please don't think that I am a mirror image of Ishaan Awasthi of the movie 'Taare Zameen Par'. I am neither Ishaan nor a Dyslexia patient. I am Chintamani, and answering these questions is not the end of the world for me. I am a man of average IQ and probably possess a better sense of humour than many of your so called 'Brilliant Students'.

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